Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo Synopsis: A Journey to Agartha
Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo Synopsis: A Journey to Agartha

Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo Synopsis: A Journey to Agartha

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Asuna is a 12-year-old girl who is used to living on her own because her mother has to work as a nurse in the hospital to support her and her father who passed away. She spends her free time listening to the radio using a crystal given to her by her father. One day, she meets a creature that looks like a bear but has terrifying fangs. It tries to eat her, but luckily, a mysterious boy named Shun saves her using a crystal similar to hers.

Shun tells Asuna that they both are not from this world but from a place called Agartha, a land under the earth with giant creatures roaming around. Asuna and Shun visit Agartha, and during their journey, they face many obstacles, including strange creatures guarding the gates, Quetzalcoatls, and other bizarre creatures.

However, things take a turn for the worse when Shun is found dead without saying a word to Asuna. Asuna is heartbroken and misses him every day. When her new teacher, Ryuuji Morisaki, introduces her to the legend of Agartha, where the ancient gods Hades and Agartha reside, and claims that he intends to bring his deceased wife Lisa back to life using the Gerbang Hidup dan Mati, Asuna decides to join him on his quest. They use Asuna’s calvis crystal during their journey to find the gate to the land of the gods.

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The story is filled with unique and imaginative creatures, such as the bear-shaped creature with fangs and lizards that drool constantly. Some appear as massive giants with a single eye and arm. They guard the gates between humans and Agartha. However, the strange and enigmatic nature of the world creates challenges that Asuna and her friends must overcome.


Ultimately, the story is a journey of discovery and personal growth. Asuna learns to deal with loss, and she and her friends discover the truth about Agartha and their place in the world.

In conclusion, the film Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo takes the viewer into an imaginative and fascinating world filled with giant creatures, ancient legends, and powerful gods. Asuna’s journey to Agartha is a story of courage, loss, and growth, and it will leave you feeling both delighted and poignant.

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