One Piece 1085 Reveals Surprising Twist: Shanks Has a Twin!
One Piece 1085 Reveals Surprising Twist: Shanks Has a Twin!

One Piece 1085 Reveals Surprising Twist: Shanks Has a Twin!

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In the latest One Piece 1085 manga, fans were shocked to discover that there are actually two Shanks in the story – the well-known pirate and his twin brother who now leads the Holy Knight forces. Eiichiro Oda has introduced nine new characters belonging to the organization called Holy Knight which is the World Government’s special forces designated to protect Im Sama. Interestingly, the leader of the Holy Knight has many similarities with Yonkou Shanks, including his hairstyle, body posture, clothing, and even the sword he uses.

So, who is the mysterious leader of the Holy Knight? According to Oda, there are three pieces of evidence pointing to him being Shanks’ twin. First, during an interview, a fan asked Oda if there are two Shanks in the story because the pirate is sometimes depicted with and without a scar on his left eye. Additionally, the fan believes that it would be impossible for Shanks to arrive at Marineford so quickly while fighting Kaido at the same time, which would make sense if there were two Shanks in the story.

Moreover, the first sentence Oda uttered in response to the fan during the interview was censored by the organizers for undisclosed reasons. Second, when Shanks met with Shirohige before Ace’s imprisonment in Impel Down, Shirohige said that he was reminded of someone who had hurt him badly every time he saw Shanks’ face. That someone is said to look very similar to Shanks.

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Lastly, when Shanks met with Gorosei in Mariejoa, Oda only showed his right profile, seemingly not to reveal that it was his twin brother who met with the World Government leaders. If Oda had shown his entire profile, it would have been noticeable that the Shanks who met with Gorosei did not have a scar on his left eye. Adding to that, the fact that Shanks’ twin brother was able to walk around Mariejoa without any escorts could suggest that he is closely related to the World Government, or in other words, he is the leader of the Holy Knight organization.

In conclusion, One Piece 1085 reveals an astonishing twist that Shanks has a twin brother who is now the leader of the Holy Knight, as opposed to the pirate captain fans have been following all this time. As the manga unfolds, fans are eager to find out more about Shanks and his twin brother and how their storylines will converge in the future.

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