The Epic Battle of Monkey D. Garp and Aokiji in One Piece 1082
The Epic Battle of Monkey D. Garp and Aokiji in One Piece 1082

The Epic Battle of Monkey D. Garp and Aokiji in One Piece 1082

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The latest episode of One Piece, 1082, had fans on the edge of their seats as Monkey D. Garp had a ‘pretend’ battle against his number one student in the Navy, Aokiji Kuzan. But what seemed like a harmless duel turned chaotic when Kurohige noticed something was amiss. What ensued was an epic battle that left fans stunned and in mourning.

In the episode, Kurohige observed that Garp was holding back, leading him to tighten his grip on Koby’s neck. Garp, realizing the situation, signaled Aokiji to unleash his full power. Aokiji obliged and unleashed his most potent attack, causing a freeze over part of Hachinosu and the ocean surrounding it. But Garp was not to be outdone, and he unleashed his ultimate attack, the Lightning Strike. This move has been speculated to be the most potent and devastating since the first chapter of One Piece. The Lightning Strike destroyed everything in its path with a billion volt of electricity, leaving Kurohige and his SWORD operatives awestruck.

The episode ended tragically as Aokiji succumbed to his wounds and passed away, while Garp, who witnessed his former student’s death at his hands, suppressed his rage and emotions. Meanwhile, Kurohige disappeared without a trace, while his 9 commanders remained on Hachinosu. The fans are now left speculating where Kurohige may have gone and what fate awaits his commanders.

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In addition to this epic battle, One Piece 1082 also revealed the updated bounty list of 11 characters after Garp officially became a pirate.

In conclusion, the battle between Garp and Aokiji Kuzan in One Piece 1082 was one of the most intense and awe-inspiring moments in the series. Fans were left saddened by Aokiji’s death and in anticipation of what may happen next in the series. One thing is for sure though, this episode has solidified Garp’s position as one of the most powerful characters in One Piece.

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