Revealing the Mystery Behind Roronoa Zoro's Family in One Piece
Revealing the Mystery Behind Roronoa Zoro's Family in One Piece

Revealing the Mystery Behind Roronoa Zoro’s Family in One Piece

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Fans of One Piece have long been waiting to find out more about the enigmatic Roronoa Zoro’s family. Recently, in One Piece, Eiichiro Oda finally revealed the identities of Roronoa Zoro’s family members, from his grandparents to his parents. This revelation came as a surprise to fans of the series since the identity of Zoro’s family has been a mystery, which Eiichiro Oda has yet to disclose.

Through SBS volume 105, the family lineage of Zoro was unveiled, which brought about new facts. It was discovered that Roronoa Arashi, the father of Zoro, was killed during a battle with pirates. This revelation made One Piece fans increasingly curious about the identity of the pirate who killed Roronoa Arashi.

Roronoa Arashi was a great swordsman, much like Zoro himself. This can be seen from Zoro’s family lineage, where his grandfather Roronoa Pinzoro was also a great swordsman. Roronoa Arashi used to live in the Shimotsuki village, which was founded by people from Wano Kuni, the land of the samurai.

In One Piece, great characters are born from strong and powerful parents. Thus, Zoro is a descendant of a talented swordsman. Even with Roronoa Arashi’s talent, he was defeated by a powerful pirate, which left fans wondering about the identity of the pirate who killed him.

Bajak laut Rocks, led by Rocks D Xebec, was the strongest and most powerful pirate crew in their era, ruling for more than 38 years in the past. Roronoa Arashi was still young at the time, and the battle between the pirate and Zoro’s father occurred after Bajak laut Rocks had already disbanded. However, one of the former crew members of the Rocks could be responsible for Roronoa Arashi’s death.

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Silver Axe, who has not been shown in the One Piece Manga, might have killed Roronoa Arashi under the Bajak laut Rocks. Before this revelation, Eiichiro Oda had mentioned in SBS volume 105 that Zoro had a mysterious destiny that was related to his family. This prediction may come true, as the Straw Hat Pirates, including Zoro, has recently visited his grandmother’s hometown in Wano Kuni.

When Zoro meets Silver Axe, the suspected murderer of his father, he will seek revenge, which will add a new layer to the One Piece anime. Moreover, the similarities between Zoro’s face and that of Roronoa Arashi has the potential to shock former members of the Bajak laut Rocks when they see him in real life.

In conclusion, the mystery behind Roronoa Zoro’s family in One Piece has been partly revealed, and it has left fans with many questions about his father’s death. However, the revelation has added a new and fascinating dimension to the One Piece anime that will keep fans hooked onto the show.

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