Alternatif Situs Streaming Film Legal dan Gratis
Alternatif Situs Streaming Film Legal dan Gratis

Alternatif Situs Streaming Film Legal dan Gratis

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Are you looking for a site to watch movies at any time without interruptions? Gone are the days when sites like Layarindo and Dunia 21 were accessible. The Indonesian Government has blocked the site since early 2020. It is time to find an alternative site that is legal, free, and accessible, so you don’t have to scour search engines.

Alternatives to Layarindo 21 and Dunia 21

Here are three alternatives that offer legal and free movie streaming services.

1. Viu Streaming Online

Viu is a great source of free movies and dramas from different regions, including Indonesia, Asia, and the west. Notably, Viu supports Indonesian subtitles. You can watch many good movies, even on the free version. The premium version offers you even more movies.

2. Go Play

Gojek’s online movie streaming service Go Play could be an excellent alternative to Dunia 21 and Layarindo 21. You can watch movies from different countries and genres like horror, comedy, romance, and others for free during the first seven days. Menariknya, Go Play also offers exclusive original content. Unfortunately, the streaming service currently only supports phone devices via an application.

3. Vidio

Vidio is unique from other streaming platforms. The site offers live streaming of local and international TV channels, local to international music publishers’ videos, TV series, films, and documentary in addition to movies, both local and international. There are many genres to choose from, including action, comedy, horror, and thriller, among others. However, Vidio is not free and imposes a fee on users.

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Apart from these streaming platforms, there are other alternatives worth exploring such as IndoXXI, Layar Kaca, Bioskop Keren, and Ganool.

Advantages of Watching Movies on a Legal Platform

Switching to a legal streaming platform is an excellent move. Here are the five advantages of doing so:

1. Easy Access

Legal streaming sites are easily accessible. You won’t have to search endlessly to find the site link.

2. Video Quality Variance

You can choose your preferred video quality from low to high depending on internet connectivity.

3. Wide Range of Film Options

Legal streaming sites offer an extensive collection of movies for local and international audiences.

4. Up-to-Date

Users can access the latest movie releases, keeping up with the cinema-grade experience.

5. Subtitles Available

You can comfortably watch movies from different languages and regions since legal streaming sites offer a wide variety of subtitle languages.


With the demand for movie streaming services higher than ever, it is essential to use legal sites that are easily accessible, safe, and offer better quality videos. Remember, in the wake of the recent Indonesian Government’s ban on illegal movie sites like Layarindo 21 and Dunia 21, be safe and watch movies legally.

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