The 9 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3
The 9 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

The 9 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

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Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 has introduced some of the strongest Titans in the series, who are still standing to fight against the rumbling Eren. In this article, we will discuss the nine strongest Titans that have been introduced to us so far.

1. Founding Titan

The Founding Titan is the strongest Titan in Attack on Titan. It has been controlled by the members of the Fritz family for generations. The Founding Titan can control all Eldians, including their memories and bodies. It can also make Titans do anything they want. Grisha and Eren Jaeger have controlled the Founding Titan and Attack Titan. After Grisha’s death, he passed the Founding Titan to his son Eren. However, even before becoming the Founding Titan, Eren was already strong as an Attack Titan.

2. Titan Zirah

Reiner’s Titan, the Armor Titan or Titan Zirah, possesses incredible physical strength due to its hardened skin. He was the leader of Bertholdt and Annie after Marcel’s death. Reiner is tough to defeat compared to other Titans due to his protective shield. He even became one of the strongest soldiers in the Cadet Corps. However, after he revealed his identity, he became one of Paradis’s greatest enemies. Eventually, Reiner joined Eldia to save the world from Eren’s wrath. His strength proved to be a match for Eren when he was still the Attack Titan, making their battles exciting to watch.

3. Titan Kolosal

Although the Colossal Titan initially appeared to be the greatest threat to humanity when the series began, other Titans have proven to be stronger. Despite being the largest, it is also the slowest. It can control its smoke and cause explosions to incapacitate or kill its enemies. Bertholdt and Armin are both Colossal Titan users. Because of Bertholdt’s lack of action and Armin’s infrequent use of his power, fans did not see the Colossal Titan fight as much as other Titans. However, it is worth noting that it was the first Titan that appeared in the series. In the final season, Eren directs a group of Colossal Titans to attack Marley as the beginning of the Rumbling.

4. Titan Rahang

The Jaw Titan is the fastest Titan and attacks its opponent with razor-sharp teeth. There have been four known Jaw Titans users. The first was Marcel, who was supposed to join Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie in destroying Paradis Wall. However, Ymir ate him while they were on their way and inherited his Titan’s power. Ymir was the Jaw Titan is most of the series, although she kept her ability secret until she had to save Historia. After Ymir’s death, Marcel’s brother Porco inherited the Jaw Titan and learned the details of Marcel’s death. Currently, Falco is the Jaw Titan user. Each of them uses the Jaw Titan differently, with some being stronger than others.

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5. Titan Monyet

While he has been one of the main antagonists, little is known about the Monkey Titan. There have been only two users of the Titan, Zeke Jaeger and Tom Ksaver, and they have used their abilities in vastly different ways. Zeke’s Monkey Titan is particularly strong because he is a member of the Fritz family, while little is known about Tom’s strength since he is not a fighter. Each Monkey Titan user has different abilities, as Falco revealed, making the Monkey Titan unique.

6. Titan Wanita

The Female Titan is the primary antagonist in Attack on Titan. She has the power to call both normal and abnormal Titans to battle, which is why so many of them entered Shiganshina. Annie Leonhart is the only known user of the Female Titan. She fought well against her former comrades but used hardening to live inside a crystal for years to save herself. After being released, Annie became weak and decided not to fight anymore. However, she will be one of the people who saved humanity because she has not shown all her strength yet. In Part 3, she joined her former friends to stop Eren’s Rumbling.

7. Titan Burung

The War Hammer Titan’s strength is in its ability to control spikes made from hardened Titan flesh remotely. The user does not have to be anywhere near the target to impale them. Its ability to produce such spikes makes it one of the most powerful Titans. Eren Jaeger became its user after devouring the previous user, Willy Tybur.

8. Titan Penyerang

The Attack Titan is Eren Jaeger’s main Titan form. This Titan is known for its incredible speed and strength, which allows it to take down other Titans. It can also see the memories of past Attack Titans. Additionally, it has a unique ability that allows it to resist the Founding Titan’s control.

9. Titan Beast

Finally, the Beast Titan possesses great intelligence and unrivaled throwing accuracy. It can also transform Eldians into Titans using its spinal fluid. Zeke Jaeger was the most prominent user of the Beast Titan. He used it to aid his father in the Eldian restoration movement before switching sides and attempting to stop Eren’s Rumbling.

In conclusion, the above Titans are the strongest Titans in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3. Each of these Titans has unique abilities and plays a significant role in the series. Fans cannot wait to see how these Titans battle it out against the Rumbling Eren.

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