The 5 Characters from Void Century who witnessed the atrocity of Im Sama in One Piece
The 5 Characters from Void Century who witnessed the atrocity of Im Sama in One Piece

The 5 Characters from Void Century who witnessed the atrocity of Im Sama in One Piece

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If you’re a fan of One Piece, you might already know about the latest revelation about Im Sama and his role in the Void Century. But did you know that Im Sama is not the only character from One Piece that has been around since that time? In this article, we’ll take a look at the five characters from the Void Century who witnessed the atrocity of Im Sama.

1. Joy Boy – A legendary figure and the supposed owner of the ancient weapon known as the “God Nika” before Luffy, he was known to have lived during the Void Century. His existence was first revealed when Nico Robin deciphered a Poneglyph on the Fishman Island, which revealed that Joy Boy had made a promise to help the Fishman Island’s inhabitants reach the surface. Unfortunately, before this promise could be fulfilled, Joy Boy mysteriously disappeared. Speculation suggests that he was facing a rebellion led by Im Sama and the Ancient Kingdom at the time.

2. Zunesha – A giant elephant who carries the Mink Tribe and was also known to have lived since the Void Century, Zunesha was a former companion of Joy Boy. However, due to a mistake he made, he was cursed to wander the seas for the rest of his life. Zunesha was the first to recognize Monkey D. Luffy as the reincarnation of Joy Boy when he visited the Wano Country. Unfortunately, Kozuki Momonosuke didn’t allow Zunesha to destroy the natural fortress found in the Wano Country. Zunesha later acknowledged Luffy as Joy Boy after he awakened the Nika fruit’s power.

3. Poseidon – Before Shirahoshi was known as Poseidon, there was another individual who could control the sea monsters during the Void Century. This person was a friend of Joy Boy, as revealed in the Poneglyph found on the Fishman Island. It was this person to whom Joy Boy promised to help the Fishman tribe reach the surface. It was also said that he planned to use Poseidon’s ability to bring the Fishman tribe up to the surface by bringing them aboard a giant ship called Noah.
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4. Amatsuki Toki – The wife of Kozuki Oden, Amatsuki Toki had the Time-Time Fruit power that allowed her to travel 20 years into the future during the Void Century. She used this power to see what Wano would be like in the future and ended up falling in love with Kozuki Oden. Though it was reported that she had died, there were speculations that she had actually survived a fire that engulfed the Kozuki Castle with the help of her Time-Time Fruit power.

5. Nefertari Lili – The Queen of Alabasta 800 years ago, Nefertari Lili was the key witness to what Im Sama did. Her existence was first revealed when King Cobra talked to the Gorosei in One Piece 1084. She was known to have disappeared mysteriously after refusing to join the Tenryuubito, and Im Sama was suspected of being responsible for her disappearance.

These five characters were all witnesses to the atrocity committed by Im Sama during the Void Century. They hold the key to uncovering the mystery of this period in One Piece lore.

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