God Usopp Becomes the Hero in One Piece's Latest Battle
God Usopp Becomes the Hero in One Piece's Latest Battle

God Usopp Becomes the Hero in One Piece’s Latest Battle

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In the latest One Piece story, Eiichiro Oda surprises fans by making God Usopp the hero of the alliance led by Luffy. This time, God Usopp defeats the Gorosei Saturn in a massive battle on Egghead Island, allowing Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to escape safely from a buster call attack.

Gorosei Saturn arrived on Egghead Island because of Luffy’s presence, which was considered a major threat to the World Government. Luffy had awakened the power of the god Nika, which was feared by the government. The fact that Luffy’s devil fruit, Nika, had abilities beyond imagination and posed a threat to Im Sama enraged the Gorosei, especially since the World Government always tried to hide its existence.

The theory of fans predicts a battle between Gorosei Saturn and Monkey D. Luffy, the main character in One Piece, and Luffy is confident that he can defeat the Gorosei. One theory posits that Luffy will awaken another Nika’s ability while fighting Gorosei Saturn, but it’s too soon for Luffy to develop another power since he has just awakened it.

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In the meantime, the crew’s luck depends on God Usopp to escape from Egghead Island, and this is where the hero shines. According to Oda’s hints, Gorosei Saturn is weak to poison, and only God Usopp has the power to poison his opponents. God Usopp can use his poison attacks to help Luffy defeat Gorosei Saturn, causing him to lose consciousness and giving the Straw Hat Pirates a chance to escape.


In conclusion, God Usopp saves the day in One Piece by defeating Gorosei Saturn and helping the Straw Hat Pirates flee from Egghead Island. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next episode to see God Usopp’s next adventure and Luffy’s awakening of his new powers.

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