One Piece 1086 Spoiler: The True Form of Im Sama Revealed
One Piece 1086 Spoiler: The True Form of Im Sama Revealed

One Piece 1086 Spoiler: The True Form of Im Sama Revealed

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One Piece 1086 Spoiler: The True Form of Im Sama Revealed

One Piece fans have been eagerly waiting to see the true form of Im Sama, the highest authority of the World Government, who has been shown only in silhouette until now. However, the latest spoiler for One Piece 1086 has finally revealed the true form of Im Sama. So, what does Im Sama really look like? Is he a normal human being or a terrifying monster?

According to the spoiler, Im Sama is a Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit user. This devil fruit allows the user to transform into both animals and humans. For example, Chopper is a devil fruit user who can transform into a human after consuming it.

In various One Piece 1086 spoilers circulating among fans, it is believed that Im Sama’s true form is actually that of a dragon. This is because many of Im Sama’s characteristics are similar to those of a dragon. Firstly, Im Sama is always hiding in the Pangea Castle in Mariejoa and never comes out, just like dragons always stay in large caves to guard their treasure. It is known that Im Sama also has many secret treasures in the Pangea Castle that are not meant to be known by anyone, including the Gorosei.
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One of the treasures owned by Im Sama is a legendary straw hat belonging to Joy Boy. Secondly, in many mythologies, such as those in Europe and Asia, dragons are known for manipulating humans. Similarly, Im Sama has succeeded in manipulating the world under his control. Thirdly, dragons are known to have a very long lifespan, even up to thousands of years. Im Sama is also known to be very old, at 800 years old according to the statement made by Raja Cobra.

These three characteristics provide strong evidence that the true form of Im Sama is a dragon. Do you agree with this One Piece 1086 spoiler? To find out the truth, we need to wait for the release of One Piece 1086 that is due to come out at the end of next week. Stay tuned for more updates!

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