Teras Gorontalo - The Power of Cross Guild in One Piece
Teras Gorontalo - The Power of Cross Guild in One Piece

Teras Gorontalo – The Power of Cross Guild in One Piece

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Teras our site – The Power of Cross Guild in One Piece

In the world of One Piece, the unity of strong characters in a group can make them easily confront the World Government. The Cross Guild is a prime example of this, as they have successfully made the Navy nervous with their bounties. Buggy is known as the leader of Cross Guild, even though it was formed by Crocodile using Buggy’s Yonkou title. The real motives behind the formation of Cross Guild by Crocodile remain a mystery, but it is clear that they oppose the World Government as they have given bounties on some Navy captains.

One of the main objectives of Cross Guild is to oppose the World Government. As Buggy has already obtained the title of Yonkou, there is a possibility that he can become the King of Pirates or replace Im Sama as the ruler of the One Piece world. With Mihawk’s and Crocodile’s assistance, Buggy may directly confront the World Government, especially Im Sama, the highest ruler who occupies the empty throne at Mariejoa.

Crocodile does not just want to overthrow or destroy the World Government; he formed Cross Guild to realize his dream of obtaining one of the ancient weapons, such as Pluton. Failure to obtain Pluton would be made up for if Cross Guild grows as big as Baroque Works when he led them.

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If the main enemy of Cross Guild is indeed the World Government, they will gain immense power from Uranus, an ancient weapon allegedly used by Im Sama to destroy Sabo on Lulusia Island. Crocodile will still be after Uranus, as it has the same destructive power. It can even destroy an island in just one attack. If Uranus falls into Crocodile’s hands, it could cause chaos throughout the whole sea, as he has the ambition to be a ruler.

Although it will not be easy for Cross Guild to defeat Im Sama, who is protected by powerful entities such as the Navy, Cipher Pol, and the Gorosei, who are believed to have extraordinary abilities, Buggy’s luck, such as when he became a Yonkou, gives him a significant chance to overthrow Im Sama as the ruler of the One Piece world.

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