The Truth About Im Sama's Power and Identity Revealed in One Piece 1085
The Truth About Im Sama's Power and Identity Revealed in One Piece 1085

The Truth About Im Sama’s Power and Identity Revealed in One Piece 1085

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As revealed in the latest manga chapter One Piece 1085, a few mysteries surrounding Im Sama are finally being unveiled by Eiichiro Oda. One of the biggest mysteries about Im Sama that has been unraveled is about the power and true identity of the World Government’s king.

So, who really is Im Sama and what power does he possess? According to the official One Piece 1085 spoiler, after studying the history of the 20 founders of the World Government, Raja Cobra realizes that Im Sama is not only one of the founders but also someone he knows. Although Im Sama is not Nefertari Lily, Raja Cobra’s ancestor, she is indeed related to their family.

Interestingly, a monster-shaped shadow appeared behind each Gorosei and Im Sama when Raja Cobra saw his face. The Gorosei and Im Sama appear to have different abilities, each likely derived from an unknown devil fruit. Meanwhile, Sabo comes to save Raja Cobra but ends up getting caught in a battle with the Gorosei.

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Just when Raja Cobra was about to reveal Im Sama’s full name, he was shot with a black, shadow-like arrow that was fired by none other than Im Sama himself. Im Sama’s power is to shoot a black arrow with incredible speed. Sadly, Raja Cobra died before he could divulge any further information.

From this latest One Piece 1085 spoiler, it seems like Im Sama’s power and the Gorosei’s abilities are linked to shadows and devil fruits. It’s still unclear how the shadow powers of Im Sama and the Gorosei are connected, but the revelation of Im Sama’s true identity has left fans eager for more information and a glimpse of future chapters.

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