Shocking Revelation in One Piece Chapter 1085 - Did Sabo See the Real Shanks?
Shocking Revelation in One Piece Chapter 1085 - Did Sabo See the Real Shanks?

Shocking Revelation in One Piece Chapter 1085 – Did Sabo See the Real Shanks?

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One Piece fans are excited for the latest chapter 1085, as spoilers have been released by leakers on Reddit. Although unconfirmed by Eiichiro Oda, the spoilers reveal a shocking revelation that Sabo witnessed in the chapter. According to the spoilers, just before Raja Cobra’s death, Sabo saw Shanks, the Yonkou Akagami no Shanks, beside the king’s lifeless body. This raises questions about the real identity of the figure Sabo saw, which we will explore in this article.

The spoilers start with Sabo’s surprise at seeing a figure that looks like Shanks standing beside Raja Cobra’s body, whom one of the Holy Knights was ordered by the Gorosei to kill. The truth behind Shanks’ involvement in this situation will soon come to light. In chapter 907, Shanks met with the Gorosei, so by comparing his appearance with the figure Sabo saw, it is revealed that the latter is the leader of the Holy Knights, who looks remarkably like Shanks. The most significant difference between the two is the lack of a scar over the Holy Knight’s left eye, while Shanks’ scar is prominently shown in his appearances.

Sabo then decides to leave Mariejoa, as things spiral out of control. Meanwhile, the Gorosei becomes aware of Sabo’s presence in Kastil Pangea and quickly frames him for Raja Cobra’s murder. The Silhouette of a Holy Knight shown in chapter 1082 is very similar to Shanks, and after the spotlight moves away, Sabo revealed to Dragon his knowledge of the mysterious Im Sama and the man who looks like Shanks. Dragon is surprised to learn this information, as he believed the throne in Kastil Pangea was vacant. Dragon notes that the man who resembles Shanks is the Holy Knight’s leader, which is why the silhouette of the Holy Knight in chapter 1082 looks like Akagami no Shanks.

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In conclusion, the spoilers for chapter 1085 of One Piece reveal an intense and surprising plot twist. Sabo saw a figure that looks like Shanks, raising questions about the Yonkou’s involvement and the real identity of the Holy Knight’s leader. Whether or not the figure Sabo saw is genuinely Shanks remains a mystery for now, and readers must wait until the official release of the chapter to know the truth.
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