Akainu’s Clash with Gorosei in One Piece Chapter 1079
Akainu’s Clash with Gorosei in One Piece Chapter 1079

Akainu’s Clash with Gorosei in One Piece Chapter 1079

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The situation on Egghead Island has become tense and unsettling recently due to the arrival of a large navy fleet led by Gorosei Saturn. Saturn’s mission is to capture both Vegapunk and Luffy, dead or alive. However, the navy is limited in their actions as they are being directly monitored by Saturn.

Fleet admiral Akainu is outraged, feeling disrespected as the navy’s leader. He wasn’t notified of Kizaru’s departure to Egghead Island, taking the entire navy force with him. Akainu also expressed disappointment in not being invited to a military emergency meeting attended by high-ranking military and Pemerintah Dunia officials, which included the likes of Boss CP0, former Fleet Admiral Kong, and generas affiliated with the Pemerintah Dunia.

Gorosei deliberately left Akainu out of the meeting to avoid contradicting his plans, knowing that Akainu would not agree with them. After the meeting, Gorosei instructed Kizaru to provide all navy force to attack Egghead Island, but Akainu refused to consent.

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In One Piece Chapter 1079, Akainu meets with Gorosei in Marijoa to question their overly authoritarian policies. He threatens to withdraw all navy forces from Egghead Island and dismiss Kizaru as Admiral for violating the Navy’s code of ethics. Gorosei responds arrogantly, ordering Akainu to remain silent and reminding him that he is just a puppet obeying their orders.


Moreover, Akainu wants to get rid of Monkey D Luffy directly, but Gorosei stops him from accomplishing his purpose.

Disclaimer: This article is created for the sole purpose of entertainment and does not aim to change or influence the story of One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda.

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