Synopsis of This is Not a Comedy Movie
Synopsis of This is Not a Comedy Movie

Synopsis of This is Not a Comedy Movie

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The movie This Is Not a Comedy, also known as El Comediante, is a Mexican film directed by Rodrigo Guardiola and Gabriel Nuncio. The screenplay was written by Gabriel and Alo Valenzuela. The film won Best Feature Film and Best Cinematography awards at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. Gabriel also stars in the film as a struggling comedian named Gabriel who seeks laughter on stage but often falls flat. Cassandra Ciangherotti stars as his girlfriend Leyre, and Adriana Paz portrays Gabriel’s close friend Melissa.

Gabriel’s life revolves around his career as a stand-up comedian. Unfortunately, his material often fails to make the audience laugh. One night, his girlfriend Leyre watches his set, and Gabriel begins well with jokes about people who share his name but have odd behavior. However, Gabriel’s jokes turn sad as he embarrasses Leyre. On stage, Gabriel shares their experience as a couple, making Leyre feel like a psychopath for wanting to leave Earth to join aliens.

The next day, Leyre visits Gabriel, who is still upset about his performance. They go shopping for flowers and a rug, but during their trip, Leyre tries to convince Gabriel to accompany her to Amethyst Mountain for a journey across the galaxy. Gabriel rejects her offer and tells her about Melissa’s request for his help in trying to become a mother. Gabriel hopes to become a father. Later that day, Gabriel visits his dying uncle, and during their conversation, his uncle passes away.

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Gabriel returns home and begins writing a script about a girl who travels to Mars and cannot return home. His friend Saevich takes him to meet the famous actress Cecilia Suarez, who reads Gabriel’s script and suggests that the character Sophia lacks clear direction, and the title, “Fourth Planet,” is not interesting. She recommends a new title, “She Astronaut.” Gabriel and Cecilia meet with the actor Tenoch, and the two of them suggest that the script must be turned into a comedy, but Gabriel disagrees and believes it is a drama.

Throughout the film, Gabriel’s character naturally portrays his existential crisis. Gabriel is a 40-something-year-old man who leaves his publishing job to pursue his dream of becoming a comic.


In conclusion, This Is Not a Comedy is a movie that features a comedian who struggles to make people laugh. Gabriel’s desire to become a father and his sense of humor’s existential nature are the major themes of the film. The movie is an excellent choice for people who love films with dramatic and humorous elements. The cast’s various personalities make the movie unique, leading to its award-winning accolades. Catch the movie on your next night in with friends or family!

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