Im-Sama's Appearance in One Piece 1083 and the Power of Gorosei Saturn
Im-Sama's Appearance in One Piece 1083 and the Power of Gorosei Saturn

Im-Sama’s Appearance in One Piece 1083 and the Power of Gorosei Saturn

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In One Piece 1083, Eiichiro Oda revealed the appearance of Im-Sama, the one who governs the whole universe in One Piece. Nyawa Monkey D Luffy is under threat as Gorosei Saturn arrives at Egghead Island, along with 11,000 marine troops and five vice-admirals under the command of Admiral Kizaru. Their mission is to destroy Egghead Island and capture Luffy’s power of the Dewa Nika.

Upon Gorosei Saturn’s arrival at Egghead Island, Luffy tried to attack him with multiple punches but was unable to hit him. Gorosei Saturn’s power was strong enough to create an invisible wall that rendered Monkey D Luffy’s attacks useless. Luffy was unable to stand a chance against Gorosei Saturn’s godly power.

Suddenly, Luffy was hit by a mysterious attack that sent him flying. Zoro and Sanji, who were present, were stunned to witness Gorosei Saturn’s incredible power. Kizaru, the insider, was also surprised by the strength of Gorosei Saturn. Later, Luffy was able to activate his Dewa Nika power by eating the Hito Hito no Mi (Gear 5).

As Luffy unlocks his Gear 5, the sky above Egghead Island turned dark, and the massive face of Im-Sama appeared in the sky. Im-Sama’s appearance was beyond imagination, and his power was inexplicable. It raises more questions about the mystery surrounding Im-Sama’s existence.
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The appearance of Im-Sama added more mystery to the story, leaving us to wonder about his real identity and connection to the godly power of Dewa Nika. What kind of godly power did Im-Sama possess that made him emerge when Luffy triggered the Dewa Nika power, and who is he in reality?

In conclusion, One Piece 1083 gives us a glimpse of this mysterious yet godly character, Im-Sama, and his connection to Gorosei Saturn’s power. With Luffy’s Dewa Nika power and Gorosei Saturn’s immense strength, the fate of Egghead Island is uncertain. We can only hope that Luffy can overcome these challenges and emerge victoriously. Will the appearance of Gear 6 help him save the day? Only time will tell.

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