Synopsis of the Western Drama “Jane Got a Gun” Starring Natalie Portman
Synopsis of the Western Drama “Jane Got a Gun” Starring Natalie Portman

Synopsis of the Western Drama “Jane Got a Gun” Starring Natalie Portman

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“Jane Got a Gun” is a 2016 Western drama film directed by Gavin O’Connor and produced by Natalie Portman, who is also the lead actress in the movie. The film, which grossed only $1 million, attempted to revive the strong Western drama genre. In this film, Portman stars as Jane, a woman who seeks help from her ex-fiancé to protect her and her injured husband from a gang led by John Bishop. This synopsis will delve into the details of the plot, the characters, and the review of the film.


The movie begins with Jane welcoming her husband Bill “Ham” Hammond, who has returned home wounded. Ham informs Jane that The Bishop Boys gang is after him. After taking care of Ham’s wound, Jane leaves her daughter Katie in the care of her friend and goes to seek help from Dan, her ex-fiancé, to protect herself against the attack by The Bishop Boys.

Initially, Dan is reluctant to help, as he is still upset with Ham. However, after listening to Jane’s story and seeing Ham’s condition, Dan agrees to help. He barricades the house and plans various traps to prevent the gang from entering. After setting up traps, Jane and Dan share their past and divulge that they still have feelings for each other despite separating years ago.

While they are engrossed in their emotions, a member of the Bishop Boys gang arrives outside the house. Although he does not recognize Dan, he spots Jane through his telescope. Dan manages to shoot him, and Jane chases the bandit’s horse to see if there is another threat nearby. Upon her return, Dan informs Jane that he planted jars filled with kerosene in the yard and lit them on fire, killing most of the gang members.

Dan then went upstairs and attempted to shoot John, the gang’s leader. But he was caught off guard, and John pointed his weapon at him. In the meantime, Jane managed to get to Ham and provide first aid to him. Eventually, Jane comes upstairs as well and points her weapon at John, who reveals that Ham is already dead. As a gunshot is heard, the film leaves the viewers with an unclear ending of Jane and Dan’s survival.

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The lead character, Jane, played by Natalie Portman, is a strong and independent woman who takes matters into her own hands to protect her husband and save her family. Joel Edgerton portrays Dan, her ex-fiancé, who agrees to help Jane and stands by her side in the fight against the gang. Ewan McGregor gives an excellent performance as John, the leader of the Bishop Boys gang, while Noah Emmerich adds to the star cast in the role of a federal marshal.


The film’s story and acting are commendable, yet the overall execution of the movie is not at par with its potential. The movie had strong production issues, resulting in the loss of a lot of initial potential. Moreover, the film is predictable in parts and leaves too many questions unanswered at the end. Critics have given the movie a rating of 2.5 out of 5, making it an average film.


“Jane Got a Gun” is an intricate and captivating Western drama film with a brilliant cast. The movie’s storyline and acting are recommended, but the execution could have been better. The film is unable to leave a lasting impact on the viewers, but fans of the genre may still find the movie enjoyable.

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