Synopsis and Review of Prey: A Mysterious Shooting in the Forest
Synopsis and Review of Prey: A Mysterious Shooting in the Forest

Synopsis and Review of Prey: A Mysterious Shooting in the Forest

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Prey is an adventurous and thrilling movie, directed by Thomas Sieben. The story revolves around five friends who plan a mountain hiking trip, which unfortunately turns into a nightmare. Prey is a movie that depicts the danger of trusting the wrong people and the consequences that come with it.

The movie begins with Ramon, who is about to get married, going hiking with his older brother, Albert, and three colleagues, Vincent, Stefan, and Peter. While returning to their car, Vincent gets shot mysteriously. The men still assume that it is a stray bullet from local hunters, but they are proven wrong when their car tire gets punctured by the same shooter.

As they flee, they run into a woman, who appears to be innocent, but instead, points a gun at Stefan and shoots him in the head. Stefan’s death forces the four friends to start running for their lives as the woman tries to kill them. After fleeing, they decide to split up, but they quickly realise that it’s a bad idea, given that they’re in an unfamiliar forest and the shooter is still lurking around.

As they walk deeper into the forest, they discover a house, where they meet a woman who agrees to lend them her phone to call for help. Just as they are about to make the call, the woman is shot by the same shooter who had killed Stefan. This tragedy results in the death of Vincent and the injury of Albert.

Roman, one of the hikers, later discovers that the shooter is a woman named Eva. Eva lost her daughter in an accidental shooting by some drunk tourists and is seeking revenge on anyone who crosses her path. Roman is then shot, but he still manages to grab Eva’s gun and considers shooting her, but ultimately decides against it. Eva runs and jumps off a cliff, and Roman survives.

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Prey is one of those movies that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. It is an excellent film, with great acting from all the cast members. The characters are relatable, and their fear is palpable.

The plot is slow at the start, but it gradually builds up to an intense and nail-biting climax. The thriller element of the movie is the most captivating, and it keeps the audience guessing until the end. There are some genuinely shocking moments that make this movie worth watching.

Overall, Prey is an incredibly thrilling and suspenseful movie that is a must-watch for those who love adventure and thriller movies. It is a movie that poses a question of morality and survival while trying to escape being a prey in the wild.


In conclusion, Prey is an enthralling movie that is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. The storyline is thrilling, with excellent character portrayals and enough suspense to leave you guessing until the end. Its unique and engaging plot is evergreen and is bound to keep its viewers entertained for years to come. It is definitely a must-watch for anyone who loves adventure and thriller movies.

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