Synopsis of 3 Srikandi: The Inspiring Story of Indonesia's Female Archery Champions
Synopsis of 3 Srikandi: The Inspiring Story of Indonesia's Female Archery Champions

Synopsis of 3 Srikandi: The Inspiring Story of Indonesia’s Female Archery Champions

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3 Srikandi is a biographical film that takes us through the journey of three young female Indonesian archers – Yana, Lilis, and Kusuma. The trio overcomes incredible odds to win silver medals in archery at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. The movie is directed by Iman Brotoseno and produced by MVP Pictures, and features an all-star cast including Bunga Citra Lestari, Tara Basro, Chelsea Islan, and Reza Rahadian.

The movie is set against the backdrop of Indonesia in the 1980s, when sports infrastructure was not as robust as it is today. The three archers go through grueling training under the legendary Indonesian coach Donald Pandiangan, also known as “Robin Hood Indonesia”. Donald is a somewhat of a mysterious figure, and his unorthodox training techniques put the young athletes to the test.

The story begins with Nurfitriyana Saiman, a budding archer who dreams of competing at the Olympics. However, there are no qualified coaches to train her in Indonesia. Nurfitriyana learns about Donald Pandiangan, who is known for his extraordinary skills as an archer but failed to make it to the 1980 Olympics due to political issues.

Udi Harsono, the secretary-general of the Indonesian Archery Association, finds Donald for an urgent meeting with him. After some reluctance, Donald agrees to train the trio but only on his own terms. We also see the personal struggles of the three archers outside of training. Nurfitriyana’s father scolds her for not focusing on her studies, Kusuma Wardhani has to choose between pursuing archery or joining the civil service, and Lilis Handayani deals with parental pressure to get married.
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The film highlights the difficulties that these young archers face as they battle against each other, the elements, and world-class competitors from other nations at the Olympics. The trio’s dream of gold is shattered, and they must settle for silver, but they return home as champions, inspiring a whole generation of young women in Indonesia to pursue sports and strive for excellence.

Overall, 3 Srikandi is an inspiring film about the power of determination and resilience that captures the heart and spirit of Indonesia’s female archery champs. The film also gives viewers a glimpse into the world of Indonesian sports during the 80s, paving the way for more Indonesian sports movies that celebrate local talent.

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