Synopsis of The Future Diary: A Romantic Story with A Mysterious Book
Synopsis of The Future Diary: A Romantic Story with A Mysterious Book

Synopsis of The Future Diary: A Romantic Story with A Mysterious Book

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The Future Diary is a collaborative project between Netflix and TBS, and the show is a remake of a program that originally aired between 1998-2002. Netflix has become known for producing and acquiring entertaining programs, and The Future Diary is no exception. The show centers on two strangers, Maai Nakasone, a nineteen-year-old college student from Okinawa, and Takuto Wakamatsu, a twenty-four-year-old chef from Hokkaido. These two strangers are brought together to experience a romantic story based on a mysterious book.

The premise of The Future Diary is simple: Maai and Takuto have each been given a diary that contains the details of their upcoming romantic story. They are supposed to live out the events described in their diary, including their first date, first kiss, and first intimate moment. They are unaware of each other’s existence, and they will only meet once their paths cross in the story.

Maai and Takuto are both excited to embark on this romantic journey and are curious about their future partners. The diary predicts that they will meet on July 1st in Yokohama, and a sunflower will be the sign of their love at first sight. Maai and Takuto follow the diary’s instructions, and inexplicably, they end up bumping into each other in a movie theater in Yokohama. They are the only two people left in the theater when a mysterious man appears and explains to them that they have been chosen to participate in The Future Diary project. Maai and Takuto are given their diaries, and their journey begins.

Their first date is on a cruise ship, but their romantic evening takes a surprising turn when the ship’s chef becomes ill, and Takuto must step in to help. Maai also comes to the rescue by becoming the chef’s assistant. They work together and manage to prepare the food just in time. Afterward, Takuto prepares a burger for Maai, and they return to their hotel together.
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Throughout the show, Maai and Takuto travel to each other’s home towns, and as they get to know each other better, they share some emotional moments. They experience ups and downs as they follow the clues in their diaries, but their feelings for each other grow stronger with each passing day.

The Future Diary is a heartwarming romantic story that will keep viewers hooked until the very end. It is a story about taking a chance on love, even when it seems impossible. It’s about trusting in fate and taking a leap of faith. Maai and Takuto’s story proves that sometimes, love finds you when you least expect it.


In conclusion, The Future Diary is a romantic story that will melt your heart. The mysterious diary adds a unique and intriguing element to the show. Maai and Takuto are lovable characters that viewers will root for until the end. The show is an entertaining watch that will make you believe in the power of love.

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