Army of Thieves Movie Synopsis: Exciting Heist Thriller without Zombies
Army of Thieves Movie Synopsis: Exciting Heist Thriller without Zombies

Army of Thieves Movie Synopsis: Exciting Heist Thriller without Zombies

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Army of Thieves is a thrilling heist movie that tells a story about a group of professional bank robbers attempting to crack three of the most challenging vaults in the world. Directed and starred by Matthias Schweighöfer, the movie is a prequel to Army of the Dead that takes place before the zombie outbreak in America. Written by Shay Hatten and Zack Snyder, Army of Thieves was released on Netflix on October 29th, 2021. This article provides a comprehensive Army of Thieves movie synopsis that will help you understand the plot and characters in detail.


Army of Thieves is set in Europe, where there is no sign of the zombie outbreak yet. Sebastian (Matthias Schweighöfer) is a teller at a bank in Potsdam, Germany by day and a safe-cracking enthusiast on YouTube by night. One day, he receives a comment on his video from a mysterious woman named Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel), inviting him to an underground safe-cracking competition in the city center. Sebastian wins the competition and joins Gwendoline’s team of thieves. The team consists of Korina, a tech expert; Rolph, a skilled driver, and Brad, a sharpshooter. Their goal is to crack three vaults created by a legendary locksmith named Hans Wagner, owned by a billionaire named Bly Tanaka. Despite being inexperienced, Sebastian is eager to crack Wagner’s vaults.

The team successfully pulls off their first heist in Paris, but they only get away with a small amount of money. Sebastian starts to develop feelings for Gwendoline during the celebration. Next, the team travels to Prague to crack the second vault. However, Interpol has caught their movements and sends an agent named Delacroix (Guz Khan) to stop them. Brad gets shot by security, and Sebastian tries to escape the police. Meanwhile, Gwendoline and Korina travel to Potsdam to flee from the Interpol raid.

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Army of Thieves Review

Army of Thieves does not have the zombie factor that Army of the Dead had. Still, the movie has an enjoyable and goofy vibe to it, making it a great watch. The heist sequences are as exciting and exhilarating as the fighting sequences against zombies in the first movie. The film has also set itself up to be a big franchise for Netflix and Zack Snyder as they plan to extend the universe with the sequel called Planet of the Dead.

As a director and the lead character, Schweighöfer does an excellent job in presenting Sebastian’s story. His character is awkward yet mysterious in the first movie, and in this prequel, we get to delve deeper into his character, which is fun to watch. However, some characters, including Gwendoline, could have had better backstory and motivations.


Overall, Army of Thieves is a fun and entertaining heist movie that will make you forget about zombies for a while. Its plot and characters are not as substantial as Army of the Dead, but it still manages to keep you engaged throughout the runtime. The movie is a great addition to the Army of the Dead universe and sets up exciting possibilities for the sequel.

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