Synopsis of Little Children, an Oscar-Winning Drama Film
Synopsis of Little Children, an Oscar-Winning Drama Film

Synopsis of Little Children, an Oscar-Winning Drama Film

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Little Children is a drama film directed by Todd Field and was adapted from a novel of the same title written by Tom Perrotta in 2004. The film starred Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly, Phyllis Somerville, and Jackie Earle Haley. This movie secured two Oscar awards, one for Best Actress for Kate Winslet and one for Best Supporting Actor for Jackie. In addition, the film also won the award for Best Original Screenplay.

The story revolves around Sarah Pierce (Kate Winslet), a stay-at-home mom who had already achieved a master’s degree in English literature and lives in a suburban area of Boston with her husband Richard (Gregg Edelman) and three-year-old daughter Lucy (Sadie Goldstein). Despite living in a luxurious house with her stable husband, Sarah is unhappy in her marriage. She discovers that Richard has been addicted to online pornography.

One day, while Sarah was at the park, she met Brad Adamson (Patrick Wilson), a law student who was studying for his bar exam. Brad regularly visits the same park with his four-year-old son named Aaron (Ty Simpkins). Brad’s wife Kathy (Jennifer Connelly) is a documentary filmmaker and their marriage is filled with love and peace, but they still have some marital problems.

Brad has a habit of not studying and not paying attention to his responsibilities. Instead, he spends his time playing football with the local police team and dreaming about his days as the Prom King in high school. The other moms who visit the park with Sarah nickname him the Prom King and place bets on whether she can get his phone number.

Without their knowledge, Sarah manages to get Brad to hug and kiss her, which causes a scene and gets them ostracized by the other moms. Despite the gossip, Sarah and Brad develop a platonic relationship, which they pursue further at the public pool. However, their relationship takes an unexpected turn when a sex offender named Ronnie J. McGorvey (Jackie Earle Haley) swims with the children and causes panic.

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Ronnie’s release from prison causes May (Phyllis Somerville), his mother, to set him up on a date with a woman named Sheila (Jane Adams). The date goes well until Ronnie reveals that he masturbated next to her and threatened her to keep quiet. Sarah and Brad get closer during this time of crisis and eventually, they have sex after Brad discovers himself in one of Sarah’s books.

This affair makes Sarah and Brad happy, and they regularly spend time together while having sex at her house. Sarah starts feeling jealous of Brad’s wife when they are not together, and it affects her mental health.

When Brad skips his bar exam to visit Sarah, Kathy becomes suspicious of their relationship and invites them over for dinner. She then invites her mother over to keep an eye on Brad, which causes tension between the couples.


Little Children is a beautifully crafted drama film that explores the mundane and complicated lives of ordinary people. From Kate Winslet’s outstanding performance to the complex relationship between Sarah, Brad, and their respective partners, this movie keeps you engrossed until the very end. The film provides a profound insight into the social norms of suburban areas and how they can constantly impact our lives.

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