Synopsis of Netflix Troll: When a Furious Mountain Monster is Awakened
Synopsis of Netflix Troll: When a Furious Mountain Monster is Awakened

Synopsis of Netflix Troll: When a Furious Mountain Monster is Awakened

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Netflix has recently released a new blockbuster film called “Troll” that has caught the attention of film lovers around the world. Directed by Roar Uthaug, the film has taken inspiration from Norwegia’s folk tales and myths to create a thrilling adventure, filled with action and fantasy. The film takes the audience on a journey into the beautiful, rugged countryside of Norwegia, where a group of people set out to stop a giant mountain monster from destroying the entire country. In this article, we will delve into the synopsis of this captivating film and explore the many twists and turns that lead to an exciting finale.

The film begins with the story of a father and daughter who are traveling to the top of a mountain. The father tells his daughter that the mountain is home to a legendary creature called a Troll. Fast-forward to the present day, where the daughter Nora, now a paleontologist, is excited to be finally uncovering a dinosaur skull. However, a catastrophic event happens when a massive monster is awakened from its slumber due to the construction of a railway tunnel, and it wreaks havoc on the surrounding area. The government quickly takes action and calls in Nora to help stop the monster.

The Norwegian government convenes a meeting, and Nora is summoned to help the military find out what is causing the chaos. Nora quickly realizes that the monster is a Troll, just as her father had told her years ago, but nobody believes her. Nora and her team head to the mountain to find evidence, and they encounter the Troll, leading to the death of Nora’s father. Before he died, he gave Nora a critical clue that eventually leads Nora and her team to the palace of a judge, who reveals that the Troll is just one of many monsters hidden in the country.

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Nora discovers that the government’s solution of using nuclear weapons to kill the Troll would be catastrophic as it would destroy the entire country. She decides to use the clues given to her by her father and the judge to try and find a more humane solution. Nora finally finds a way to communicate with the Troll and offers a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The Troll agrees to retreat back to the mountains and preserve the land, ending the crisis.


Netflix’s Troll is an epic movie that takes viewers on an exciting adventure filled with action, fantasy, and suspense. The film’s main theme is about the relationship between humans and nature, and how humans can sometimes be responsible for destroying their surroundings. Nora, the paleontologist, is the film’s protagonist and embodies the idea that we should respect the world around us and take the time to understand it. The film’s stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and unique characters make it a must-watch for anyone who loves an excellent movie.

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