Synopsis: Under The Queen's Umbrella
Synopsis: Under The Queen's Umbrella

Synopsis: Under The Queen’s Umbrella

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Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a South Korean drama that was released in 2022. The story is set in the historical period of the Korean monarchy and revolves around the life of the Queen, Ratu Hwa Ryeong. Hwa Ryeong is devastated when she learns about the sudden health crisis of her son, the Prince Mahkota. She sets out on a mission to protect her son’s future and keep the crown in their family. The drama is a political and family drama that highlights the power struggle between the wholesome and sinister characters.

The drama starts with Ratu Hwa Ryeong discovering that her son, Prince Mahkota, is unwell and unconscious. She hides this from the King and other members of the family because she does not want to create chaos. However, the ambitious and sinister mother-in-law, Ibu Suri, finds out about the Prince’s condition and plans to find a substitute who can take the Prince’s place as the future king. She wants someone who can obey her and be more competent than the Prince. Her ultimate goal is to control the throne herself.

In an effort to protect her son’s future, Ratu Hwa Ryeong prepares her sons, including the Pangeran Agung or the Prince Agung, for a crucial examination that will determine their fate. Ibu Suri’s plan is to create a competition that will bring the best candidate for her to control. However, Ratu Hwa Ryeong is concerned that this competition will lead to animosity and chaos among the brothers.

Episode 1-2 of Under The Queen’s Umbrella focuses on Ratu Hwa Ryeong’s journey to find a competent successor to the throne. She uses her resources and skills to persuade her sons to enter the competition. She even reaches out to the Ratu Yoon, the former queen who is also the mother of the deceased Prince Mahkota Taein, for advice. Ratu Yoon tells Ratu Hwa Ryeong to protect her children and prevent them from losing the crown and their lives.
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Meanwhile, Ibu Suri prepares for the examination by distributing special books to the candidates. Her plan is to create an unfair advantage to the candidates who work under her jurisdiction. The books provide the candidates with all the answers to the questions that will be asked.

Despite facing several challenges, Ratu Hwa Ryeong’s sons, including the Pangeran Agung, Seongnam, prepare for the examination. They hope to prove their worth and save their family from the danger that lies ahead. However, things get more complicated when Selir Go starts spying on Pangeran Agung, Gyeseong. Ratu Hwa Ryeong also discovers that the medical records for the late Prince Taein are missing. She sets out on a mission to find the truth about his death and any connection it may have with her son’s unexpected illness.


Overall, Under The Queen’s Umbrella is an excellent drama that combines comedy, drama, family, historical, period, political, royalty, and sageuk genres. The story is well-written, and the actors’ performances are outstanding. The drama highlights the challenges that come with being born into royalty and the price of winning. The characters face several obstacles, yet their family bond keeps them together. The audience will be left on the edge of their seats as they watch the drama unfold. If you love South Korean historical drama, this is a must-watch.

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