Synopsis of Kardec, the True Story About Spiritism
Synopsis of Kardec, the True Story About Spiritism

Synopsis of Kardec, the True Story About Spiritism

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Kardec is a biographical film directed by Wagner de Assis that tells the true story of Allan Kardec, a French writer famous for his book about spiritism. The movie, released in 2019, is a portrayal of the life and times of Allan Kardec, who made waves across Europe during the medieval era as a writer and intellectual. In this movie synopsis, we take a closer look at the plot of the film and how Wagner de Assis brings this captivating story to life.

The Life of Allan Kardec

The movie opens in a classroom in Paris where Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail (played by Leonardo Medeiros), a polyglot and language expert, works as a teacher. Rivail is known for his unconventional views on religion and science, which put him at odds with the Catholic Church.

When a Roman Catholic priest, Padre Boutin, arrives to teach the students about Catholicism, Rivail is outraged, and his request to exclude religious teachings in his classroom is rejected by the school administration. This incident leads to Rivail quitting the school, but it also leads him on a path to explore the world of spiritism.

The Journey to Spiritism

Rivail’s interest in spiritism begins with the phenomenon of “spinning tables,” which some people believe is a form of communication with spirits. Rivail is skeptical and believes that it is a trick, but his colleagues try to convince him otherwise.
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Several encounters with mediums, who claim to communicate with the spirits, change Rivail’s mind. He witnessed a medium’s private conversation with his wife and became fascinated with the concept of spirits. Allen Kardec began to research it further and eventually wrote a book about the phenomenon, which he published under his pen name.

The book became popular in Europe, but the Catholic Church opposed its circulation. Nonetheless, it remained a bestseller and contributed significantly to the growing interest in spiritism.


Kardec is a fascinating biographical movie that brings to life the true story of Allan Kardec, a writer who gained fame across Europe in the medieval era for his book about spiritism. The movie depicts the journey of Allen Kardec and how his interest in spiritism changed his life. Directed by Wagner de Assis, the movie is a must-watch biographical drama for fans of the genre.

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