Synopsis of "I Am All Girls" Movie: A Realistic Story of Human Trafficking
Synopsis of "I Am All Girls" Movie: A Realistic Story of Human Trafficking

Synopsis of “I Am All Girls” Movie: A Realistic Story of Human Trafficking

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“I Am All Girls” is a 2021 crime drama that revolves around Realistic Story of Human Trafficking. Directed by Donovan Marsh, the movie stars Erica Wessels and Hlubi Mboya in lead roles. The movie begins with a disclaimer that the story is inspired by real-life events. The film is based on the case of Gert de Jager, a suspect of human trafficking who kidnapped six girls in 1994. To this day, those six girls remain missing.


The film portrays Jodie, a female detective, who focuses on ending human trafficking. Despite her efforts in investigating the case, Jodie faces multiple obstacles in the journey. She doesn’t receive any financial support from her authorities and has no concrete proof to move forward with her investigation.

Meanwhile, a mysterious killer begins murdering influential people involved in human trafficking patterns. The killer carves alphabet initials with the victim’s blood. Jodie realizes that these initials are the initials of the six missing girls from 1994. However, with the absence of evidence, Jodie is suspended from her job, making it harder for her to investigate the case.

Her friend, Ntombi, is ultimately revealed as the mysterious killer. She is a victim of human trafficking who was abducted by Gert de Jager in 1994. Ntombi has the original confession recordings from Gert de Jager and is seeking revenge for all the girls who were victims of human trafficking.
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Jodie’s unorthodox actions during her investigation lead her to get suspended, but she continues to work alone and eventually tracks down Ntombi and Salim Khan, a businessman heavily involved in the trade of human trafficking. The movie ends in a shootout between the authorities and the traffickers. Ntombi dies, and Salim Khan escapes.


“I Am All Girls” portrays the harsh reality of human trafficking and its after-effects on the victims. The movie shows how individuals can seek revenge when the justice system fails. It is a gripping movie with a serious tone that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

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