Who is Hibari in One Piece? Rumors & Clues Revealed!
Who is Hibari in One Piece? Rumors & Clues Revealed!

Who is Hibari in One Piece? Rumors & Clues Revealed!

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One Piece fans are always excited to welcome new characters in the story and Hibari is one of the latest additions. Hibari first appeared in Chapter 1071 where she was seen crying with Helmeppo in front of Garp. However, it was her second appearance in Chapter 1080 that caught the attention of One Piece fans with her heroic act of saving Coby.

What makes Hibari even more interesting is the rumors surrounding her family background. Many fans have speculated that Hibari is the daughter of Fleet Admiral Akainu. While the rumors may not be entirely true, there are some clues that support the theory.

One clue is the dialect that Hibari uses, which is similar to the one used by Akainu. In fact, in the One Piece story, there are only two characters who use that particular dialect – Hibari and Akainu himself. This clue has strengthened the fan theory that Hibari is indeed Akainu’s daughter.

Another interesting fact about Hibari is that she is a member of the Sword organization, which is a group of young marines trained by Garp and Sengoku for the future of the navy. However, Sword is not officially affiliated with the navy, and if the members are in danger, the navy will not provide any assistance. Despite this, it is expected that if Hibari were in danger, her father Akainu would come to her aid.

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It is not yet confirmed whether Hibari is really the daughter of Akainu, but as a father, he would definitely come to his child’s aid if she were in danger. It remains to be seen how the story will develop in the upcoming chapters and whether the fan theories will hold true.

In conclusion, Hibari’s character and her possible relation to Akainu have created a buzz among One Piece fans. It is exciting to see how her character will develop in the future and whether the rumors and theories turn out to be true. One Piece fans can’t wait to see what Eiichiro Oda has in store for them.

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