One Piece 1084: Epic Duel Between Sabo and Lucci with the Emergence of Im Sama
One Piece 1084: Epic Duel Between Sabo and Lucci with the Emergence of Im Sama

One Piece 1084: Epic Duel Between Sabo and Lucci with the Emergence of Im Sama

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In the world of One Piece, the complexity and variation of every duel are always worth the wait. With One Piece 1084, fans are in for a treat as the manga reveals a fierce fight between Sabo and Lucci. Furthermore, it also unveils the appearance of Im Sama. Here are all the spoilers you need to know for One Piece 1084.

The chapter begins with the focus on the Revolutionary Army that is attacking the World Government to save Kuma. It shows Sabo keeping an eye on Princess Vivi, who is under the supervision of Lucci from CP-0. Sabo plans to rescue Princess Vivi from Lucci’s watchful eyes and engages in a fierce battle with him. Sabo throws a powerful punch that hits Lucci, giving him the chance to rescue Princess Vivi.

But the chapter does not just stop there. On another page, Cobra meets Im Sama and asks about the century of void. Im Sama explains everything about the most powerful family, Nefertari, that even managed to trick Joyboy. This flashback also shows how the Revolutionary Army’s commander, Morley, frees Kuma.

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The chapter is titled ‘My Father Sin,’ and the cover features Jinbei and Chopper in the forest. One Piece 1084 is filled with action and suspense, and with the iconic duel between Sabo and Lucci, it is sure to keep fans hooked until the next chapter.

The manga is an epic tale that continues to entertain fans with its detailed storytelling and exciting characters. One Piece Chapter 1084, with the epic duel, is expected to be no different. Stay tuned, and we will bring you more updates on this intriguing storyline.

In conclusion, One Piece 1084 is a must-read for manga fans. With Sabo and Lucci’s epic duel and the emergence of Im Sama, the manga never ceases to entertain and keep readers engaged. Keep an eye out for the next chapter as it promises to be another thrilling adventure for Luffy and his crew.

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