Synopsis: Don't Kill Me, Rise from Death
Synopsis: Don't Kill Me, Rise from Death

Synopsis: Don’t Kill Me, Rise from Death

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Don’t Kill Me is an exhilarating movie from Italy that blends the horror of vampires and zombies with romantic drama. The film is an adaptation of a novel by Chiara Palazzolo, titled Non Mi Uccidere, which follows the story of a young girl named Mirta Fossati, played by model and actress Alice Pagani, and her lover Robin played by Rocco Fasano. The movie revolves around Mirta, who comes back from the dead after dying from an overdose of drugs. Despite being alive again, Mirta is not just a regular human and is now something more dangerous. She must find Robin while evading a group of people who hunt down Overdead or humans that resurrect tragically and become vampires in the world.

Director and Writer

Andrea De Sica has directed and written the movie Don’t Kill Me. De Sica is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced several movies and won numerous accolades for his works.


Alice Pagani stars as the lead, Mirta Fossati, while Rocco Fasano plays the role of her lover, Robin. Silvia Calderoni, Fabrizio Ferracane, and Sergio Albelli also feature in supporting roles.

Plot Summary

Mirta and Robin are in love with each other, but Robin has a bad habit of using drugs. While at a mining site, Robin tries to use drugs but Mirta persuades him to stop. However, both of them end up overdosing on drugs and dying. Mirta surprisingly rises from the dead and feels strange, hungry, and has a strong urge to drink human blood. She embarks on a mission to find Robin, who she believes has also risen from the dead like her.

Meanwhile, Piero Fossati, Mirta’s father, is confused when he hears that his daughter is alive again. He thinks that it is impossible and that his wife is insane. At the same time, a mysterious group called Benandanti approaches him, claiming that they know where Mirta is and requesting information if he gets any about her whereabouts.

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Mirta discovers that she is not the only Overdead, and there are others like her in the world. As an Overdead, Mirta needs to feed on humans, or else she will decay until she dies again. She then embarks on a killing spree to satisfy her thirst for blood. However, her father and the group of Benandanti are on her trail, trying to eliminate her, leading to an intense sequence of events.


Don’t Kill Me tries to explore the well-trodden ground of vampires, zombies, and romance with predictable results. The storyline is uneventful and seems clich├ęd for the horror genre. The movie lacks the timbre and structure that are indispensable in a horror flick. The narrative falls flat due to poor execution, and it is unclear why the film needed the extra element of romance added. The elements of mystery and suspense are not satisfactorily developed, and the horror scenes are not as terrifying as they should be.


In conclusion, Don’t Kill Me is a film that attempts to provide a unique blend of horror, romance, and mystery, but ultimately fails to deliver. Its characters lack depth and the storyline seems predictable. Despite the potential for a gripping horror experience, Don’t Kill Me falls short of expectations. While the movie does manage to create a sense of tension, it does not do enough to leave a lasting impression on viewers. The ambiguity of its premise may intrigue some, but the final product is a horror-romance that is neither scary nor captivating.

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