Synopsis and Review of the Movie Tunnel (2016): Surviving a Tunnel Collapse
Synopsis and Review of the Movie Tunnel (2016): Surviving a Tunnel Collapse

Synopsis and Review of the Movie Tunnel (2016): Surviving a Tunnel Collapse

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The movie Tunnel (2016) tells the thrilling story of Lee Jung Soo (Ha Jung Woo), a man on his way home to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Excitement turns to terror as the tunnel he’s driving through suddenly collapses, trapping him inside. With limited resources and a ticking clock, Jung Soo must use all his strength and willpower to survive amidst the rubble.


The film revolves around Jung Soo’s struggle for survival, trapped inside his car in the collapsed tunnel. He has only two water bottles and his daughter’s birthday cake. Encouraged by Dah Kyung (Oh Dal Su), a rescue worker on the phone, he tries to hold on and wait for rescue. However, another collapse forces Dae Kyung to evacuate, leaving Jung Soo alone in the tunnel.


Jung Soo’s character demonstrates his perseverance and positive outlook in the face of extreme adversity. He uses all his survival skills to stay alive and hold on to his dream of reuniting with his family. Bae Doona plays his anxious wife Se Hyun, who tries to help from outside the tunnel. Nam Ji Hyun plays Mi Na, a young driver trapped in a car next to Jung Soo’s, who becomes his companion in the final days.

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The movie Tunnel (2016) tells the story of survival, determination, and hope. The film shows how even in the bleakest of situations, human beings have the capacity to hold on to the will to survive. The movie also highlights the true value of human life and the importance of hope and faith in enduring dire circumstances.


Tunnel (2016) is a thrilling and inspiring movie that tells a captivating story of survival in the face of extreme adversity. The film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. It is a reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of life’s toughest challenges. With outstanding lead performances and a well-crafted plot, it’s a must-watch for fans of thriller and disaster movies.

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