Shocking Revelations in One Piece Chapter 1084 - Teras Gorontalo
Shocking Revelations in One Piece Chapter 1084 - Teras Gorontalo

Shocking Revelations in One Piece Chapter 1084 – Teras Gorontalo

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In the latest release of One Piece, Chapter 1084, Eiichiro Oda has once again left fans on the edge of their seats with shocking revelations at the Reverie event in Mariejoa. The chapter opens with a thrilling account of the moments leading up to the kidnapping of Shirahoshi by the Tenryuubito, Charloss.

With the help of a Pacifista, Charloss captures Shirahoshi and binds her with chains, causing her immense pain. Unfortunately, at the time of the kidnapping, the Royal Guards of the Ryugu Kingdom, who were supposed to be protecting her, were away on duties to safeguard the Neptune King. The Prince Fukaboshi and Prince Ryoboshi can be seen coming to Shirahoshi’s aid from afar, but their efforts get halted with the laser beam attacks from Pacifista.

Mjosgarp, another Tenryuubito, interferes in the situation by stopping Fukaboshi from attacking Charloss while he puts Sai and Leo, who are commanders of the Yonkou Luffy Alliance, in charge of taking down Charloss. To Mjosgarp, it would be too risky for the Ryugu Kingdom to attack Charloss, which could result in the destruction of the Fishman Island.

Sai and Leo jump into action and deliver a powerful blow to Charloss, knocking him unconscious. Surprisingly, Charloss’s father, Saint Roswald, is shocked by the actions of the two commanders and that his son nearly lost his life at the hands of the “lowly” Sai and Leo.
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Sai and Leo both appeared to be in good hands under Mjosgarp’s protection, as he was also a Tenryuubito. It is later revealed that they showed up at the Marijoa Palace to accompany their respective kings. Word of the event quickly spreads throughout the world, and the news of the Straw Hat crew’s achievement in taking down a Tenryuubito reaches Luffy’s ears, making him laugh with joy.

It is worth noting that Charloss had been beaten by Luffy before during their encounter in Sabaody. This chapter ends with even more questions about the past of the World Government and the next stage of the story.

In conclusion, Eiichiro Oda has once again delivered yet another thrilling chapter of One Piece with the kidnapping of Shirahoshi by Tenryuubito Charloss and the dramatic rescue by Sai and Leo. Fans cannot wait to see what happens next and how the story develops.

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