Is Shanks a Descendant of Tenryuubito in One Piece?
Is Shanks a Descendant of Tenryuubito in One Piece?

Is Shanks a Descendant of Tenryuubito in One Piece?

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In One Piece, Shanks has been a fascinating character for fans to speculate about. One of the popular fan theories is that he might be a descendant of the Tenryuubito. This theory has been fueled by several reasons, including his ability to easily meet with the Gorosei, the existence of the Figarland family, and the similarities between him and Doflamingo.

Firstly, the Figarland family has been a subject of speculation in the One Piece Film: Red where Gorosei are seen discussing Uta as a possible member of the Figarland family. This led to the theory that Uta might be Shanks’ child, who he found in a treasure chest. Secondly, Shanks was found as a baby by Roger and Rayleigh in a treasure chest taken from God Valley. This incident involved the Navy, the Roger Pirates, the Rocks Pirates, the Tenryuubito, and some slaves. Hence, there is speculation that one of these groups, particularly the Tenryuubito, put Shanks in the chest.

Furthermore, the Figarland family was the ruler of God Valley, and Figarland Garling was mentioned in chapter 1086 as the former king of God Valley. Since Shanks was found in God Valley, his origins are also questioned. In addition, Shanks’ ability to easily meet with the Gorosei suggests that he might have some connection to them, which other Yonko like Kaido, Whitebeard, Big Mom, or Teach cannot claim.

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Lastly, the similarities between Shanks and Doflamingo also fuels the speculation of Shanks being a descendant of Tenryuubito. Both are powerful fighters, possess three types of Haki, and the rare Haoshoku Haki. Both also have connections to the World Government, with Shanks being able to talk to them even as a pirate, and Doflamingo using his knowledge to blackmail them. It is postulated that the Tenryuubito, originally a group of nobles who fought against the Great Kingdom, might have potent fighters among them who grew weak due to their luxurious lifestyle.

In conclusion, the speculation that Shanks could be a descendant of Tenryuubito has some basis, such as his connection to the Figarland family, his origins in God Valley, his ease in meeting with the Gorosei, and the similarities between him and Doflamingo. However, until more concrete evidence emerges, this remains a fan theory for fans to ponder over.

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