Revealing the Mystery of Im Sama in One Piece Chapter 1085
Revealing the Mystery of Im Sama in One Piece Chapter 1085

Revealing the Mystery of Im Sama in One Piece Chapter 1085

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In One Piece Chapter 1085, Eiichiro Oda unveiled a new surprise about the character Im Sama. Im Sama was shown again, but this time in silhouette form. The last time we saw Im Sama was in One Piece Chapter 1060 when he destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom. However, Im Sama’s appearance in chapter 1085 opened up a big mystery about who he really is.

One of the mysteries revealed about Im Sama was the truth about what happened 800 years ago, which has remained a mystery until now. According to One Piece’s story, 800 years ago, there was a great war between the ancient kingdom and an alliance of 20 kingdoms. After the war, the 20 kingdoms banded together to form the World Government, which operates under a system with no single leader in charge.

In Chapter 1085, it is revealed that the Gorosei are the heads of the government, not Im Sama. The 20 kingdoms became the Tenryuubito and lived in the Marijoa Palace. However, the truth about what happened 800 years ago revealed in Chapter 1084 was a lie made up by Im Sama. Instead, Im Sama had slaughtered the 20 kingdoms because he didn’t want any of them to rebel in the future. To cover up his actions, all records about the 20 kingdoms were erased.

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This was proven by King Cobra after he searched for the whereabouts of his late wife, Queen Lily, who disappeared 800 years ago. The Tenryuubito was just a ploy created by Im Sama to cover up the truth. The Tenryuubito were actually the families of the 20 kingdoms who were invited by Im Sama to form the World Government.

So where are the leaders of the 20 kingdoms? Their bodies were apparently stored in Impel Down Level 5, with the frozen figure of Rocks D Xebec. There are many other mysterious figures that are assumed to be the leaders of the 20 kingdoms who were slaughtered by Im Sama 800 years ago.

Moreover, the 19 swords in Marijoa’s throne are proof that the 20 kingdoms have been destroyed by Im Sama in the past. As for the other facts that have yet to be revealed, Eiichiro Oda may uncover them in the upcoming chapters.

Disclaimer: This article was created for entertainment purposes only and has no intention of changing the story of One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda.

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