Shanks' Surprise Attack on the Navy in One Piece 1089: Will it lead to a reunion with Luffy?
Shanks' Surprise Attack on the Navy in One Piece 1089: Will it lead to a reunion with Luffy?

Shanks’ Surprise Attack on the Navy in One Piece 1089: Will it lead to a reunion with Luffy?

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When it comes to the latest One Piece chapter 1089, a tense moment occurred in Arc Egghead. Akagami no Shanks shocked everyone by attacking the Navy just before the launch of the Buster Call. His attack managed to cancel the Buster Call, leaving fans across the world excited. The previous chapter in One Piece saw the Red Hair Pirates defeating Eustass Kid and seizing a Poneglyph copy in Elbaf. After accomplishing his goal, Shanks headed to Egghead to meet Monkey D Luffy. The latest One Piece 1089 reveal shows that there is no clear indication of why Shanks wants to meet Luffy.

According to speculations, Shanks wants to give the Poneglyph copy to Luffy because he has known all along that Luffy is the reincarnation of Joy Boy, the ruler of the ancient kingdom. Shanks also knows his destiny is to pave the way for Luffy to become the next King of the Pirates. As Shanks approaches Egghead with his fleet, he is surprised to see it surrounded by thousands of Navy ships with orders to launch the Buster Call. The battle was expected to be intense when Admiral Kizaru of the Navy shouted, “Buster Call Will Commence.”

Shanks panics when he hears these orders but quickly regains his senses. He asks his crewmate Benn Beckman to launch a sudden attack on the Navy ships. A few moments later, loud gunfire erupts, but it’s not the Buster Call. It’s a weapon fired by Ben Beckmann. Shanks had taken the weapon from Eustass Kid after defeating him in Elbaf.

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The surprise attack doesn’t end there. The Red Force also fires their cannons at the Navy ships, causing significant damage to those carrying the Buster Call. It’s worth noting that the Buster Call can’t be launched unless a Vice Admiral is leading the process. In this moment, Shanks once again saves Luffy, who is on the island of Egghead. Eiichiro Oda created Shanks as Luffy’s guardian angel. No matter how strong Luffy is, he will not survive the relentless attack of the Buster Call.

Although Shanks successfully stopped the Navy from launching the Buster Call, Luffy is still in danger. He is currently battling Gorosei Saturn, the commander of the Navy’s expedition force on Egghead. According to the latest bocoran (spoiler) of One Piece 1089, Luffy is getting beaten up and doesn’t seem to have a chance of winning. However, fans expect his power to increase during critical moments. A popular theory is that Gear 6 will appear. This new form will turn Luffy’s Nika mode red and give him an aura of fire.

The big question is whether Luffy and Shanks will have a reunion on Egghead without fighting. Will Shanks give Luffy the Poneglyph copy, as speculated? Fans are excited to find out what’s next in the One Piece storyline. Keep following the latest chapters to know more.

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