Three Powerful Logia Devil Fruits in One Piece
Three Powerful Logia Devil Fruits in One Piece

Three Powerful Logia Devil Fruits in One Piece

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In the world of One Piece, Logia Devil Fruits are some of the most powerful and sought-after abilities. These fruits grant their users the power to manipulate their element to incredible extents, even to the point of becoming the element itself. In this article, we will be discussing three Logia Devil Fruits that share a similar ability to transform into gas: Moku Moku no Mi, Gasu Gasu no Mi, and Susu Susu no Mi.

1. Moku Moku no Mi

The Moku Moku no Mi, or Smoke Smoke Fruit, is the first Logia Devil Fruit introduced in the series. It was consumed by Smoker, a Marine Captain. This fruit grants Smoker the ability to create, manipulate, and transform into smoke.

Because this fruit’s element is gas, Smoker gains the ability to fly by transforming into smoke. He can also manipulate the density and mass of his smoke to create restraints for his enemies. However, compared to the other two fruits on this list, the Moku Moku no Mi is considered the weakest.

2. Gasu Gasu no Mi

The Gasu Gasu no Mi, or Gas Gas Fruit, was consumed by Caesar Clown, the main antagonist of the Punk Hazard arc. This fruit gives Caesar the ability to transform into gas and manipulate it at will.
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What makes the Gasu Gasu no Mi more powerful than the Moku Moku no Mi is that Caesar can manipulate different types of gas, including toxic gases and oxygen. With his creativity, he can even create explosive blasts of destructive power.

3. Susu Susu no Mi

The Susu Susu no Mi, or Soot Soot Fruit, is a recently introduced fruit that was consumed by Karasu. This fruit allows its user to transform into soot, a black powder that is the byproduct of incomplete combustion.

What makes this fruit more powerful than Caesar’s Gasu Gasu no Mi is that the soot is composed mostly of carbon powder, which is highly toxic and can solidify into a physical form. Karasu can manipulate this soot to create dense, solid objects like crows for powerful attacks.

In conclusion, while these three Logia Devil Fruits share the ability to transform into gas, their individual abilities and strengths vary greatly. Fans of One Piece will continue to look forward to the introduction of new and powerful Devil Fruits in the future.

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