One Piece 1089: Battle Royale - Shanks and Buggy's Alliance Formed
One Piece 1089: Battle Royale - Shanks and Buggy's Alliance Formed

One Piece 1089: Battle Royale – Shanks and Buggy’s Alliance Formed

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One Piece fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the 1089th chapter, where the Battle Royale between the four Yonko will finally take place. The Arc Egghead becomes the center point where the alliance between Shanks and Buggy is formed, according to the bocoran One Piece that Teras our site received.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, carefully crafted Arc Egghead to be the starting point of the Final Saga of the anime. In this arc, the four Yonko, Luffy Bajak Laut Topi Jerami, Marshall D Teach Bajak Laut Blackbeard, and the combined forces of Shanks and Buggy (Bajak Laut Rambut Merah and Bajak Laut Buggy), will engage in a massive battle royale.

Though Luffy is also targeting Kurohige in this arc, according to Oda, Luffy is not included in the alliance with Shanks and Buggy. Shanks has made a special offer to Buggy to help him eliminate Marshall D Teach and his army.

The plot twist that Oda is playing with is difficult to predict. In Arc Egghead, Shanks asked Buggy to join him in Egghead because he received information that Kurohige was not there. Shanks initially thought that Kurohige would appear in Arc Wano, but he was wrong. The Arc Egghead becomes a significant opportunity for Shanks to take down Kurohige.
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However, the Gorosei Saturn thinks that the Battle Royale between the four Yonko will benefit the World Government and plans to attack whoever wins in Egghead.

In the end, only Kurohige is predicted to be defeated, and the other three Yonko will attack the Navy’s fleet. Luffy and Shanks could be Saturn’s opponent, while Buggy might not play a significant role.

What Shanks promised Buggy was a copy of the Poneglyph, which he obtained after defeating Eustass Kid. Meanwhile, Kurohige was still fighting against Trafalgar Law, and there was no definite outcome yet. Shanks had thought that Kurohige would win and take the Poneglyph from Law, and the only way to get it was to defeat Kurohige. Therefore, Shanks promised to give all the copies of the Poneglyph to Buggy.

But so far, this is only a theory, and we cannot confirm it until Eiichiro Oda releases the official chapter. One thing is certain, though – One Piece fans cannot wait for the Battle Royale to begin and see who will emerge victorious.

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