**SEO Title: The Story of Rudeus And Nanahoshi in Mushoku Tensei Anime**
**SEO Title: The Story of Rudeus And Nanahoshi in Mushoku Tensei Anime**

**SEO Title: The Story of Rudeus And Nanahoshi in Mushoku Tensei Anime**

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When Rudeus first met Orsted in the anime series of Mushoku Tensei, they engaged in a fierce fight that easily left Rudeus unconscious. Orsted was a cursed Dragon God that anyone who saw him would feel scared and hate towards him. He was also the enemy of the Human God, who sent Rudeus to his current world. However, since Rudeus did not come from Orsted’s world, he was not affected by the curse. Thus, Rudeus did not feel scared and hate towards Orsted like other humans.

At that time, Rudeus was with Eris and the human Superd, who coincidentally met Orsted walking with a woman. They got into a dispute, and Eris, Superd, and Rudeus were all easily defeated, with Rudeus losing consciousness. With such severe injuries, Rudeus should have died. However, Rudeus survived because he was saved by Nanahoshi Shizuka, the woman who was with Orsted. But who is Nanahoshi, and why did she save Rudeus?

Nanahoshi Shizuka, as it turned out, was like Rudeus; she was not born in her current life. She was a teenage girl who was saved by Rudeus before he was reincarnated. However, they entered their current world in very different ways. Rudeus was reborn as a baby, while Nanahoshi and her friend Shinohara Akihito were stranded in their current era through a metastasis disaster.

Although Nanahoshi and Rudeus were both stranded, they had very different lives. Nanahoshi was stranded with the same physical and mental state as before, and she did not have any magical powers like Rudeus. Instead, she had a drain syndrome that made her body react negatively to the accumulation of magical energy. Thus, she had to consume Sokasu Grass Tea for her entire life.

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In her new life, Nanahoshi became Orsted’s travel companion. Like Rudeus, Nanahoshi was not affected by Orsted’s curse, so she did not feel scared and hate towards him. In her newest role, Nanahoshi managed to create a trade route that made her a young wealthy woman. However, she did not feel comfortable in her new world and wanted to return to her past life in Japan. This was in contrast to Rudeus, who enjoyed his new world very much.

In conclusion, the story of Rudeus and Nanahoshi in Mushoku Tensei anime depicts two individuals who were not originally from their current world but found themselves stranded there. Despite their commonality, their experiences were very different. While Rudeus enjoyed his new life, Nanahoshi struggled with her health and her newfound wealth. Nonetheless, their stories were both interesting and captivating and kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

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