Resurrection of Ancient Robot in One Piece 1087: The Connection to Pluton Revealed
Resurrection of Ancient Robot in One Piece 1087: The Connection to Pluton Revealed

Resurrection of Ancient Robot in One Piece 1087: The Connection to Pluton Revealed

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In the latest episode of One Piece, fans were astonished by the resurrection of an ancient robot. This unexpected turn of events occurred in Episode 1087, when Franky successfully brought the robot back to life using his knowledge from the Pluton blueprints. The sight of the robot coming to life left Gorosei Saturn stunned, triggering memories from a significant incident that took place 200 years ago.

The resurrection of this ancient robot serves as a pivotal moment in the storyline of One Piece. It not only introduces a fascinating new character, but also reveals a surprising connection between the robot and the legendary weapon known as Pluton.

Franky’s expertise in mechanics and his understanding of the Pluton blueprints were crucial in resurrecting the ancient robot. As a master shipwright and a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky possesses extraordinary engineering skills. His knowledge of the Pluton blueprints, which he obtained during his time at Tom’s Workers, enabled him to unlock the secrets of the ancient robot’s revival.

To prevent the Pluton blueprints from falling into the wrong hands, Franky made the bold decision to burn them after successfully utilizing them for the resurrection. This act of sacrifice underscores the importance of keeping such powerful and dangerous knowledge out of reach.

What surprised both Franky and Gorosei Saturn was the fact that the ancient robot and Pluton share the same fuel source: cola. This revelation suggests a deep-rooted connection between the two, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the storyline. It implies that the ancient robot and Pluton were likely created during the void century, a historical period that remains shrouded in secrecy.

The significance of cola as a fuel source cannot be overlooked. It is the same fuel that powers the Straw Hat Pirates’ iconic ship, the Thousand Sunny. This ship was designed and built by Franky himself, using the Pluton blueprints as a reference. The commonality in fuel source between the ancient robot and the Thousand Sunny further strengthens the link between Pluton, the robot, and the void century.

Moreover, the ancient robot also possesses a control room, similar to Vegapunk’s creation, the Vegaforce. Vegapunk, a renowned scientist in the One Piece world, has made groundbreaking advancements in technology, particularly in the field of cyborgs and robotic creations. The presence of a control room in the ancient robot suggests that it was designed with advanced technology, possibly influenced by Vegapunk’s innovations.

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As news of the ancient robot’s resurrection spreads, it becomes the talk of the town in the One Piece world. Fans eagerly anticipate the next episode, as it promises to shed more light on the robot’s origins and its connection to Pluton. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, is especially thrilled by the prospect of riding the ancient robot and sets his sights on joining Franky in controlling this legendary marvel.

Interestingly, Vegapunk’s attempts to revive the ancient robot had been unsuccessful. Despite his expertise and groundbreaking inventions, he was unable to tap into the robot’s dormant power. This failure further emphasizes Franky’s remarkable skills and his unique understanding of ancient technology.

The resurrection of the ancient robot marks a turning point in the ongoing saga of One Piece. It introduces a captivating storyline centered around this enigmatic character and its connection to Pluton and the void century. This revelation not only deepens the lore of One Piece, but also ignites the imagination of fans worldwide.

In conclusion, the resurrection of the ancient robot in One Piece 1087 has left fans spellbound. Franky’s successful revival of this long-lost marvel has unveiled a remarkable connection between the ancient robot and the legendary weapon, Pluton. As the story unfolds, we eagerly await further revelations about the void century and the secrets it holds. One Piece continues to captivate its audience with its intriguing plotlines and rich world-building, and the resurrection of the ancient robot is one of its most significant developments to date.

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