Unveiling the Mystery: The Ancient Robot in One Piece 1087
Unveiling the Mystery: The Ancient Robot in One Piece 1087

Unveiling the Mystery: The Ancient Robot in One Piece 1087

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One Piece 1087 introduced a mind-blowing revelation, as Eiichiro Oda shed light on the ancient robot discovered by Luffy. This intriguing ancient technology is said to date back 700 years, originating from the enigmatic void century. In this article, we will dive into the secrets surrounding this ancient robot, its connection to Kozuki Toki, and its significance in the overall One Piece narrative.

The World Government’s Control

It has been revealed that the world government took control of the ancient robot after it launched a devastating attack on Marijoa 200 years ago. This incident raised countless questions about the robot’s origin and capabilities. As a result, the brilliant scientist Vegapunk attempted to replicate the robot, leading to the creation of the Vegaforce 01.

The Mysterious Fuel Source


One of the most perplexing aspects of the ancient robot is its fuel source. To this day, it remains unknown, with speculations suggesting that it may be exclusive to the ancient kingdom. This elusive fuel source adds to the robot’s allure and raises questions about the technology within the ancient kingdom.

The Robot’s Activation and Functionality

Eiichiro Oda reveals that the ancient robot can only be activated by its rightful owner. Furthermore, the robot has a limited functionality without its owner, emphasizing the strong bond between the robot and its master. This unique characteristic adds a layer of complexity to the robot’s purpose and role in the One Piece world.

Kozuki Toki’s Connection

A surprising twist uncovers the owner of the ancient robot – Kozuki Toki, the wife of Kozuki Oden. Kozuki Toki was revealed to have time-traveled with the ancient robot, but unfortunately, they became separated 200 years ago. This connection between Kozuki Toki and the ancient robot sparks curiosity about their shared journey and the impact it may have had on the robot over the course of 400 years.

Battle Scars and Past Conflicts

The battle scars evident on the ancient robot provide evidence of its involvement in past conflicts. These scars offer a glimpse into the ancient robot’s history and raise questions surrounding the battles it might have participated in. The significance of these past conflicts and their ties to the overall One Piece storyline are yet to be fully explored.

The Robot’s Sudden Appearance

During Oden’s flashback, an unexpected event occurs – the ancient robot makes a sudden appearance in Marijoa. This occurrence baffles both the characters and readers alike, as it raises questions about the circumstances that led to the robot’s appearance at such a crucial moment. Eiichiro Oda skillfully weaves this mysterious event into the narrative, leaving fans eager to discover the truth.

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Replication and Cockpit Similarities

Vegapunk’s replication of the ancient robot hints at the existence of a cockpit within the original design. This similarity to the Vegaforce 01 suggests that the ancient robot also possesses a cockpit, raising questions about its purpose and functionality within battle scenarios. The advanced technology of the ancient robot and its scanning system to recognize its owner adds another layer of intrigue to its capabilities.

Hints at Resurfacing

Eiichiro Oda provides subtle hints that explain the resurfacing of the ancient robot 400 years later. These hints, yet to be fully explored, offer glimpses into the events leading up to the robot’s reappearance and the impact it may have on the current storyline. As the narrative progresses, readers eagerly await the unveiling of the ancient robot’s journey throughout these 400 years.

Companion to Kozuki Toki

The ancient robot’s connection to Kozuki Toki reveals it to be a loyal companion during her time jumps. This discovery sheds light on the robot’s role in supporting Kozuki Toki’s time-travel abilities and raises questions about how it influenced her actions throughout her journeys. Understanding the bond between Kozuki Toki and the ancient robot provides key insights into the robot’s significance within the One Piece universe.

Future Revelations

Eiichiro Oda has promised to unravel more about the ancient robot in One Piece 1087, leaving fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation. With such a rich history and mysterious past, the ancient robot’s story is sure to captivate readers and contribute to the overarching narrative of One Piece.

In conclusion, the ancient robot discovered by Luffy in One Piece 1087 holds a multitude of secrets waiting to be revealed. From its connection to Kozuki Toki to its mysterious fuel source, this enigmatic technology continues to intrigue fans. Eiichiro Oda’s masterful storytelling ensures that the ancient robot’s significance will be a focal point in the future of One Piece, leaving readers eager for more mind-boggling revelations.

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