Dragon's Attack on Mariejoa: Confrontation with Gargling and the Battle for Power
Dragon's Attack on Mariejoa: Confrontation with Gargling and the Battle for Power

Dragon’s Attack on Mariejoa: Confrontation with Gargling and the Battle for Power

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, there is no shortage of epic battles and power struggles. And in the upcoming Chapter 1087, fans can expect nothing less. Dragon, the enigmatic leader of the Revolutionary Army, is preparing a plan to attack Mariejoa, the sacred land of the World Government. This bold move is set in motion by the movements of a secret group known as the Holy Knights.

Leading the Holy Knights is none other than Gargling, a former king from the mysterious God Valley island. As the leader of this powerful group, Gargling holds immense influence within the World Government and is determined to maintain their control over the seas. However, Dragon is ready to challenge his authority and reveal himself as the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

To prepare for his attack, Dragon is first disrupting the logistics that transport food for the Tenryuubito, the privileged ruling class of Mariejoa. By cutting off their vital resources, Dragon aims to weaken their hold on power and expose their vulnerability. With chaos ensuing in Mariejoa, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown between Dragon and Gargling.

The forthcoming battle between these two formidable leaders will not only be a clash of physical strength but also a revelation of their mysterious powers. Dragon is said to possess the power of a God and is a Devil Fruit user. His abilities have been shrouded in secrecy, and this battle will finally unveil the extent of his formidable skills. On the other hand, Gargling, as a Tenryuubito, will demonstrate his true power as the leader of the Holy Knights, showcasing his combat prowess.

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The clash between Dragon and Gargling is bound to cause chaos in Mariejoa. The once holy land will become a battlefield where the fate of the World Government hangs in the balance. Dragon’s ultimate goal is to dismantle the entire system led by the Gorosei and Im Sama. This includes abolishing the reign of the Tenryuubito, including the influential Figarland family.

But Dragon’s fight will not be limited to Gargling alone. By revealing himself to the world, Dragon risks drawing the attention of the Gorosei and even Im Sama. These higher authorities hold immense power and will undoubtedly stand in Dragon’s way. However, Dragon is determined to make his decades-long plan a success and remove the highest authority in the One Piece world.

In conclusion, Dragon’s planned attack on Mariejoa and his confrontation with Gargling will have staggering consequences for the World Government and the balance of power in the One Piece universe. The battle between the Revolutionary Army and the Holy Knights will not only be a clash of physical might but also a revelation of the true extent of their powers. With chaos and uncertainty looming over Mariejoa, the fate of the Tenryuubito, the Gorosei, and the entire World Government system hangs in the balance. Fans can expect an epic showdown that will shape the future of One Piece.

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