Mystery of the Scarred Man in One Piece Revealed
Mystery of the Scarred Man in One Piece Revealed

Mystery of the Scarred Man in One Piece Revealed

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The mystery of the Scarred Man in One Piece has become the latest plot point in the series. The Scarred Man holds the key to reaching Raftel, the last island, and finding the One Piece. However, finding him is no easy task. The latest chapter of One Piece has revealed some information about the Scarred Man, but his identity remains unknown. Here is everything you need to know about the Scarred Man.

Role of Scarred Man in One Piece Story

As explained in the Zou arc, the Poneglyph is crucial in finding the One Piece. The four red Poneglyphs, known as Road Poneglyphs, hold the key to Raftel. One of them is held by Big Mom, one by Kaido, and one on Zou, where all the Minks protect it. The final Road Poneglyph was located on the Island of Men, but it has since been lost. This is where the Scarred Man emerges as a key figure in the story.

Scarred Man Identity and Appearance

The Scarred Man’s identity remains a mystery. Killer and Kid mentioned him after the Wano War, stating that whoever wants to find the One Piece needs to take him seriously. The Blackbeard crew also mentioned him as the person sailing on a ship with a black sail, causing unnatural whirlpools that sink approaching ships. Based on this information, it is assumed that the Scarred Man has the ability to manipulate whirlpools.

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Most fans believe that the Scarred Man is Jaguar D. Saul. However, this theory was debunked as Saul perished in a battle against the government twenty-two years ago. Another popular theory suggests that the Scarred Man is a former member of the Roger Pirates who can transport Poneglyphs. In the end, the Scarred Man’s true identity is still unknown.

Buah Iblis and the Scarred Man

Based on Lafitte’s statement, the Scarred Man might have the power of Buah Iblis, allowing him to manipulate water. Therefore, he could be the one causing the unnatural whirlpools that sink approaching ships. It is important to note the significance that Buah Iblis holds in the One Piece world.

Final Thoughts

The Scarred Man remains a significant plot point in One Piece, and it is still unclear how his story will unfold. The author, Eiichiro Oda, left some clues in the series, but his true identity remains an enigma. The Scarred Man holds the key to finding Raftel and the One Piece, so his role in the story is essential.

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