One Piece Reveals the Mystery of Teras Gorontalo and Shanks' Secret Identity
One Piece Reveals the Mystery of Teras Gorontalo and Shanks' Secret Identity

One Piece Reveals the Mystery of Teras Gorontalo and Shanks’ Secret Identity

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The latest chapter of One Piece has revealed yet another major mystery – the appearance of the Holy Knights of the World Government, believed to be more powerful than CP0 and the Marine forces. In Chapter 1083, it was mentioned that the Gorosei sent Holy Knights to deal with eight countries that rebelled against the World Government.

The Holy Knights consist of nine individuals who possess extraordinary strength. However, there is speculation that one of the Holy Knights has already appeared in One Piece. And the figure who has long been suspected of being a Holy Knight is none other than Shanks.

Shanks has been a hot topic lately after being suspected of being a Holy Knight. This is not without reason, as there have been several clues indicating that Shanks’ true identity is a Holy Knight. Clues include his origin and the teacher who taught him until he became as strong as he is.

Shanks was first discovered by Gol D Roger after the God Valley incident, in a treasure chest. Roger then adopted little Shanks as his foster son and pupil. Hence, Shanks is now the most feared Yonkou in the world of One Piece because he inherited Roger’s power. This is why the World Government has called upon Shanks to become a Holy Knight.
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Another clue to Shanks’ Holy Knight identity is his relationship with Gorosei. No pirate in the world of One Piece has a closer relationship with Gorosei than Shanks. In Chapter 907, Shanks was seen meeting with five Gorosei inside the Marijoa palace, wearing a black cloak and talking to them about one of the pirates. However, the scene must have continued, and Eiichiro Oda has yet to show what happened next. It is likely that the Gorosei gave Shanks the order to deal with the eight rebellious countries.

Shanks immediately went to Elbaf Island to retrieve the separation weapon, as befitting his role as a Holy Knight. Several clues already confirm that Shanks’ true identity is a Holy Knight. Finally, it has been revealed that two characters in One Piece, Kaido and Big Mom, are actually clones of the pirate Rock.

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