The Mysterious Holy Knights revealed in One Piece
The Mysterious Holy Knights revealed in One Piece

The Mysterious Holy Knights revealed in One Piece

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The revelation of the presence of Holy Knights, discussed by Dragon and Sabo, has stirred the One Piece fandom. We have always considered the naval force to be the biggest shield of the World Government, but these Holy Knights have come out of nowhere. In addition, some of the silhouettes of the 9 Holy Knight Knights resemble the character of Shanks, making things even more intriguing.

Some say that Shanks is one of the Holy Knights as he has directly met the Gorosei. However, as a One Piece enthusiast, you must know that Shanks is not the type of character to do such a thing. If it is indeed Shanks, the most logical theory would be that it is just a clone of him.

Vegapunk is the one who will reveal the truth about the Holy Knights and whether Shanks is really among them. Dragon is coming to rescue Vegapunk and it is during this rescue that Vegapunk will uncover the truth about the 9 Holy Knights being discussed. It is well known that Vegapunk is being held captive by York, and Dragon’s friendship with him makes him the only one who can save him.

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Upon learning about the truth of the 9 Holy Knights, Dragon prepares his revolutionary forces to face them. Of course, since these Knights are clones created by Vegapunk, they are incredibly strong. However, Vegapunk also reveals their weaknesses to Dragon, giving him a significant opportunity to defeat them.

In conclusion, the presence of Holy Knights in One Piece has created a lot of buzz in the fandom, especially when it comes to the character of Shanks. With Dragon and Vegapunk’s help, we hope to learn more about the truth behind these powerful Holy Knights and see how our heroes can defeat them.

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