The Battle of Commanders in One Piece Chapter 1083 - Teras Gorontalo
The Battle of Commanders in One Piece Chapter 1083 - Teras Gorontalo

The Battle of Commanders in One Piece Chapter 1083 – Teras Gorontalo

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In One Piece Chapter 1083, Eiichiro Oda finally showcased the commanders of the Revolutionary Army in action. Fans were finally able to witness the true abilities of Monkey D Dragon’s two out of four commanders. They face tough opponents, the Admirals of the Navy. Karasu, the commander of the Northern Army, and Morley, the commander of the Western Army, engaged in a fierce battle against Greenbull and Fujitora.

The chapter depicted a flashback of the Revolutionary Army creating chaos in Marijoa during Reverie. Their goal was to declare war on the World Government and bring their founder, Kuma, back from being a slave of the Tenryuubito. The Revolutionary Army was confronted by two Admirals, who were tasked with guarding Reverie.

Karasu was attacking the crocodile navy when he faced Fujitora, one of the Admirals. He launches a powerful attack called Crow Renkon, shooting black crows at Fujitora, who was unable to evade them. Despite being a user of kenbunshoku haki, Admiral Fujitora was only seen defending against Karasu’s attack. However, the Admiral was injured by the assault.

On the other hand, Greenbull, who was transforming into his devil fruit form, was hurt by Morley’s trident. Just like Fujitora, Greenbull was injured in battle with the Revolutionary Army. After Reverie, Greenbull and Fujitora were seen wearing bandages, but Karasu and Morley were in good condition.
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Before disrupting Reverie, the commanders of the Revolutionary Army had already demonstrated their strength in Lulusia. However, they only faced weak pirates at the time. Besides, Eiichiro Oda hid Karasu’s abilities at the moment.

In conclusion, the Battle of Commanders in One Piece Chapter 1083 was an excellent display of the abilities of the commanders of the Revolutionary Army. Karasu and Morley proved to be a match for two Admirals of the Navy. Fans are excited to see more from the Revolutionary Army in the coming chapters of the One Piece manga.

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