One Piece Chapter 1085: Queen Lily’s Last Will
One Piece Chapter 1085: Queen Lily’s Last Will

One Piece Chapter 1085: Queen Lily’s Last Will

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In the One Piece Chapter 1085, Queen Lily’s last will was revealed as she left behind a letter suggesting that the Poneglyph should be protected and the flag of dawn should be raised to the world. This chapter picks up from the previous one with Imu speaking to Cobra. Imu reveals that “D” signifies those who were enemies of “them” in the past.

The Gorosei, on the other hand, pull out their weapons and aim them at Cobra, indicating that he might not make it out alive. However, Sabo comes to the rescue and fires flames at Imu, causing him to transform. Gorosei turned into massive creatures, and Sabo and Cobra made an escape after an exchange of words.

In the same chapter, rumours began circulating that King Cobra and King Wapol would not attend the Reverie’s meeting. Additionally, Jabra and Kalifa are introduced as members of Cipher Pol “Aigis” 0.

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The chapter ends with Vivi and Wapol escaping while being watched by Wapol’s wife.

One Piece manga releases every Sunday, but this week, the manga was on hiatus and came back the following week. Nevertheless, readers can find the latest chapter, One Piece 1085, on various online platforms.

In conclusion, this captivating chapter of One Piece reveals Queen Lily’s last will and provides readers with a glimpse of what is to come in the future of the series. It also sets the stage for future conflicts and answers some of the fans’ questions regarding the Void Century and the Poneglyph. Fans of the series can eagerly wait for the next chapter to see how the story progresses.

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