One Piece 1085: The Revelation of Joy Boy and Zunisha
One Piece 1085: The Revelation of Joy Boy and Zunisha

One Piece 1085: The Revelation of Joy Boy and Zunisha

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In One Piece 1085, the mystery behind Zunisha, who deemed Monkey D Luffy as the reincarnation of Joy Boy, finally meets its resolution in the Egghead Arc. Zunisha appears in the waters surrounding Egghead Island, blocking the Navy fleet who came to capture Luffy on the orders of Im-Sama. With the emergence of Zunisha, the main plot of the story shifts back towards Joy Boy, the ruler of the era of the Void Century who shares the same destiny as Luffy. Joy Boy was the original user of the Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit or the Hito Hito no Mi Model: Nika, which now becomes the power of Luffy in the form of Gear 5.

According to leaks from One Piece 1085 in a Reddit forum, one of the World Government’s goals in sending the Gorosei for an expedition to Egghead is to acquire Luffy’s Dewa Nika power. However, this plan is predicted to fail as Eiichiro Oda shows Zunisha in One Piece 1085 coming to Egghead to protect Luffy, who he deems as Joy Boy. It is known that Zunisha is an ancient creature in One Piece and a companion of Joy Boy. Zunisha is a large elephant-like creature, equivalent to a large-scale island. Its legs are disproportionate and very long, allowing it to walk on the seabed while keeping its body above the water.

The fate that binds Luffy and Joy Boy finally reveals the involvement of Dewa Nika and the Sky Kings in One Piece. But, is it true that Dewa Nika, Luffy, and Joy Boy have a connection to each other, and what is the role of the sky in their bound fate? In chapter 1073 of One Piece, it ends with a big revelation about Gear 5 that transforms Luffy into a powerful figure. One Piece finally provides a significant clue as to how Dewa Nika transforms Luffy into the reincarnation of Joy Boy.

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While Dewa Nika belonging to Luffy is not raised in chapter 1073, there is a specific disclosure that can be easily linked to Dewa Nika when considering the context of the disclosure and character of Dewa Nika. Joy Boy, who has been mentioned all this while as the reincarnation, has his intentions bequeathed to Luffy. Meanwhile, the Void Century remains a big mystery in the world of One Piece, but fans are already aware of some significant incidents.

The Void Century is the most famous and mysterious event in the One Piece world. As the name suggests, it is a period of one hundred years that lasted from 900 to 800 years ago in the One Piece world. The events that occurred during the Void Century determined the current age in which people live. However, the surprising part is that not much is known about this century because each major incident was eventually covered up by the World Government. But, those interested in history have uncovered many secrets of the Void Century over the years, and now fans know a little bit about the events that took place in this era.

In One Piece 1085, it is also revealed that Monkey D Garp becomes One of the Four Emperors after Kurohige’s defeat. These all set the stage for the final saga of One Piece, where the role of Dewa Nika, Joy Boy, and Zunisha may unfold.

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