Controversy Surrounds One Piece RED and Fire of Love Red Bollywood Film
Controversy Surrounds One Piece RED and Fire of Love Red Bollywood Film

Controversy Surrounds One Piece RED and Fire of Love Red Bollywood Film

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The One Piece RED film has found itself at the center of a controversy surrounding an Indian Bollywood movie called Fire of Love Red. Fans of One Piece RED had pointed out the striking similarities in both movie posters, leading to allegations of plagiarism. But Rajeev Chaudhari, the partner of Avanti Prajakta Arts, responded to the criticism by stating that the Fire of Love Red poster was meant to depict the idea of a burning heart, and the font used is different from the font used in One Piece RED.

Chaudhari further added that his team’s ideas were original, and they had no intention of plagiarizing anyone else’s work. However, the controversy surrounding the Bollywood film has sparked outrage amongst One Piece RED fans globally. One fan from India stated that Bollywood thought they could get away with stealing ideas and that they stole the poster for the RED movie.

Fire of Love Red’s story focuses on a famous novelist who gets lost between fiction and reality. The film starred Krushna Abhishek and Payal Ghosh as the main leads. Once the film trailer was released, fans of One Piece RED in India took to social media to express their take on the controversy.

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It is not uncommon for movie posters to resemble each other, but in this case, the similarities between One Piece RED and Fire of Love Red are hard to ignore. The issue has raised concerns with fans wondering whether Bollywood is doing enough to protect intellectual property rights. Time will tell if actions will be taken concerning this matter, but for now, fans of One Piece RED will be hoping for a resolution.
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