The Mystery of Raja Nefertari Cobra's Death Unveiled in One Piece Chapter 1084
The Mystery of Raja Nefertari Cobra's Death Unveiled in One Piece Chapter 1084

The Mystery of Raja Nefertari Cobra’s Death Unveiled in One Piece Chapter 1084

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The death of Raja Nefertari Cobra remains a mystery in One Piece, but Eiichiro Oda begins to show some events during the chaos of Reverie. Based on One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers, Eiichiro Oda will show one of the Reverie events in which Raja Nefertari Cobra meets the Gorosei. However, a shocking thing happens, as the leader of the Alabasta kingdom was found dead and reported in the newspaper by Morgans after the Gorosei meeting.

There are several alleged facts that the World Government has as a reason for the Gorosei to kill Raja Cobra, which is revealed in One Piece Chapter 1084. Raja Cobra had met with the Gorosei when Reverie was taking place; he talked about many sensitive issues and eventually had to lose his life. One of the key topics that Raja Nefertari Cobra talked about was the existence of Lily, the queen of Alabasta and one of the World Government’s founders, who has been alive since the Void Century, according to the current timeline in One Piece.

However, the Gorosei did not provide any answer to Raja Cobra about the existence of Queen Lily, and the queen had decided to stay in Mariejoa and become part of the Tenryuubito, but her whereabouts remain a mystery to this day. During Cobra’s questioning, it seems to be vital to discuss this topic with the Gorosei since they probably hide some truth. The sensitive topic of Queen Lily was not the only question that Raja Cobra asked the Gorosei; he was also trying to find out the meaning of the initial “D” from the Gorosei, and they are considered to be a significant issue, as Corazon once revealed that the D bearers are natural enemies of the Celestial Dragons or better known as the Tenryuubito.

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As Raja Cobra asked about many sensitive issues, it became the biggest reason for the Gorosei to kill him since he had the opportunity to find out the truth about the Void Century. What’s more, Raja Nefertari was killed because he had seen the hidden truth behind Im Sama’s original form, and as someone who sat on the empty throne of Mariejoa, was not supposed to know. One Piece Chapter 1084 has now unlocked the mystery of Raja Nefertari Cobra’s death and how it relates to the Gorosei.
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