One Piece 1085 Spoiler: Learn the Identity and Devil Fruit of Im Sama

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Are you ready to uncover the truth about Im Sama in One Piece 1085? After reading the spoilers that have been circulating, we finally get a glimpse into the identity and devil fruit power of Im Sama. It all began when Nefertari Cobra questioned the Gorosei about a letter from Queen Lily that was connected to the mystery of the D clan in the One Piece universe. The topic of discussion was so sensitive that Im Sama suddenly appeared after Cobra mentioned the contents of the letter regarding the Nefertari family’s next generation. The letter’s mystery was linked to the true identity of Im Sama, the ruler of the World Government (behind the scenes) in the One Piece universe. The contents of the letter even caused Cobra’s death, the twelfth-generation Alabasta family Nefertari King.

Spoilers One Piece 1085: Identity and Devil Fruit of Im Sama Revealed, Nefertari Family Inherits D Clan’s Will

During the events in One Piece 1085, Cobra died after being attacked by Im Sama who utilized devil fruit power. Sabo and Wapol are eyewitnesses and the ones who know Im Sama’s true identity during that time. Sabo directly saw Im Sama attacking Cobra, while Wapol was spying on them. It was later discovered that this was why Wapol and Big News Morgan rescued Nefertari Vivi from the clutches of CP0 who was commanded by Im Sama. But who is really Im Sama, and what is their devil fruit power?

New facts about Im Sama are revealed in the leaked information for chapter 1085, which sparked speculation that Im Sama is a devil fruit user. The mystery surrounding the power and true identity of Im Sama is still shrouded in mystery for now. Since initially being introduced in One Piece, Oda Sensei has not provided any information about Im’s person. Their character has always been hidden by a silhouette and never spoken at all. There are many who are curious about Im’s identity and how they rose to power. As the One Piece story comes to a close, it seems that information about Im is slowly being revealed.

Founder of the World Government

After being shrouded in mystery for so long, various clues about Im Sama are beginning to appear. The first clue appeared in chapter 1083. In that chapter, Im Sama seemed to be familiar with Queen Lily, who came from the Alabasta Kingdom 800 years ago. Before that, Cobra had talked to Gorosei about the disappearance of Queen Lily. Gorosei admits that they do not know about Queen Lily’s whereabouts and suspect that she has returned to her kingdom. Queen Lily also wrote a letter to her descendants, which discussed the will of D. At the end of the chapter, Im began to speak and mentioned Lily’s name. This could mean that Lily and Im Sama knew each other, and Im’s origin may very likely date back 800 years ago.

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Devil Fruit Power of Im Sama

Most fans believe that Im Sama is a devil fruit eater. This is perhaps the reason why they were able to survive the war with the Ancient Kingdom 800 years ago and become the leader of the world today. And the fans’ speculations were seemingly confirmed by the leaked chapter 1085 information, revealing that Im Sama has devil fruit power. When the conversation between Cobra, Im, and Gorosei took place, it touched on the will of D and the involvement of Im Sama. When they did, the world leader immediately attacked Cobra. It turns out that Gorosei has tremendous power that indicates they have devil fruit power too. Sabo tried to attack the Gorosei, and a large monster’s shadow appeared behind them. Additionally, the information said that Im Sama had exerted a massive power that hinted they are also a devil fruit eater. Sadly, we don’t know what devil fruit Im Sama possesses and uses. The clue that Im Sama is a devil fruit user suggests that this may be how Im Sama defeated the Ancient Kingdom 800 years ago. Im Power is powerful and terrifying enough to destroy the kingdom and become the key to why Im has been in power in the One Piece universe for hundreds of years. What is interesting is there is a possibility that this is the reason why Gorosei and Im Sama want to get their hands on the Nika devil fruit. Because it is said to be able to rival Im Sama’s power. They don’t want anyone else to be a threat to Im.

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