Shanks' Unique Plan for the Era Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1083
Shanks' Unique Plan for the Era Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1083

Shanks’ Unique Plan for the Era Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1083

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In One Piece chapter 1083, we see Shanks leaving Elbaf with his crew, Rambut Merah, after defeating Captain Kid and acquiring his copy of the Road Poneglyph. However, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has revealed that Shanks doesn’t have any interest in becoming the Pirate King. In fact, he has a unique plan for this era, which may involve guarding Laugh Tale and the One Piece treasure, instead of becoming a pirate king.

Eiichiro Oda himself gave a hint that he doesn’t want Shanks to become the Pirate King. In the Red data film, he explained that Shanks has a unique and big plan for this era. This was further emphasized in the Ace novel, where it was mentioned that Shanks isn’t interested in becoming a pirate king. It’s speculated that his role may be as a guard of Laugh Tale, instead of becoming a pirate king.

So, what does Shanks mean when he said in chapter 1054 that it’s time to search for the One Piece treasure? It’s not just about his ambition to acquire the Poneglyph to reach Laugh Tale. It could also mean that he intends to accompany the chosen one who has awakened their true potential. This statement was made after he learned that Luffy had awoken his Awakening.

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That’s why he gave his Straw Hat to Luffy, even though it was a gift from Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King, and his former captain. It’s possible that Roger may have conveyed special signs and characteristics to Shanks before his execution. Shanks realized that Luffy is the chosen one destined to become the Pirate King, and he himself is the guardian, just as he was when he was with Roger.

Therefore, Shanks’ role is as a guardian and keeper of Nika or Joy Boy in this era, leading to Laugh Tale. This may mean that he has a unique plan that involves more than just being a pirate king and that he will play a crucial role in the upcoming events in One Piece.

Disclaimer: This article is created for entertainment purposes only. The discussion is not official and may or may not be true.

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