The Truth of That Day Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1083: Sabo's Story Unfolds
The Truth of That Day Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1083: Sabo's Story Unfolds

The Truth of That Day Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1083: Sabo’s Story Unfolds

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One of the most popular manga series in the world, One Piece, has released its latest chapter, Chapter 1083, titled “Truth of That Day” or “Kebenaran di Hari Itu.” In this chapter, Sabo, Monkey D Dragon, and Emporio Ivanko are seen discussing what has happened at Reverie, which takes a surprising turn with the emergence of the Holy Knights.

In this chapter, readers learn about the eight kingdoms that rebel against the World Government due to the incidents in the Lulusia Kingdom. These eight kingdoms refuse to pay taxes to the World Government, which sends the Holy Knights to take care of the situation. There are nine Holy Knights in total, and Sabo, along with Karasu, Morlye, and Lidbergh, is seen fighting admirals and Isshu.

Readers are surprised to learn that Sabo’s mission was to declare war against the World Government, which he successfully accomplishes by burning their flag. Moreover, Sabo also frees Bartholomew Kuma, much to the shock of the World Government. Monkey D Dragon declares that the real war against the World Government has begun because of the emergence of the Holy Knights.

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In the end, readers witness the news of the death of Nefertari Cobra, the King of Arabasta, who asked two royal guards to protect his daughter, Vivi. The manga ends with Cobra meeting Gorosei, leaving readers on a cliffhanger.

Fans of One Piece can read Chapter 1083 on various manga websites and apps, including Manga Plus, which is a platform that offers the latest manga releases from Shueisha for fans outside Japan. The platform has an app for Android and iOS, making it accessible for everyone.

In conclusion, Chapter 1083 of One Piece is nothing short of exciting and surprises readers at every turn. The emergence of the Holy Knights takes the story in a new direction, and the revelation of Sabo’s mission changes the entire dynamic. It is a must-read for all manga fans who love One Piece.

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